Sent Flair to the library so she could read for work

I absolutely love that you will see kids doing school work (at tables!) and other townies doing normal things that people would do.

The misty moon that reminded me to get the no blur in the distance mod, because simsl3gacies moons are too awesome to be blurred.


Flair: so do you mind being a Dragon, because I have this thing where my name has to be passed on…its a thing

Branden: of course love, everyone already assumes I am a Dragon, what would the point of changing it be. Besides, if its Dragon vs. McNeil, then Dragon is a way cooler name

Flair: Yay!

Branden: so do you maybe wanna go home and selebrate…you know..in bed…and without random townies listening in

Flair:  *yawns* Bed sounds really good…

A Bit of Research on Pyromania

haxorizer145 asked: Hi, I’m a beginner at writing, I have this prototype for a story that is centered in a mental asylum, however, I have no idea how to get my character’s mental disorder right. My character has Pyromania. I would like to write him in his point of view, with thoughts and things like that. But whenever I write his thoughts it just comes out as “Oh that’s pretty view, it would be prettier with FIRE!” or something like that, I would like some tips regarding this, thank you very much.

Check out This Is a Towel: Mental Disorders for more general tips on writing mental disorders and make sure to read Sordid Fairy Tale: Offensive Mistakes Well-Intentioned Writers Make for great advice on avoiding cliches and offensive stereotypes.

As far as pyromaniacs specifically, I’ve got some links for you. First, check out Wikipedia’s article to get a general overview of pyromania. Sometimes Wikipedia helps, sometimes not so much. Hopefully this will be one of those mercifully helpful times.

Now have some medical science!

You might also appreciate I Am a Pyromaniac, a storyboard forum hosted by Experience Project which collects the thoughts and stories of real pyromaniacs. There are lots of forums hosted by the Experience Project that may help any writer doing research on the human experience. Look those up by topic on their Explore Experiences page (and add your experiences to forums that apply to you to help others!).

One more thing: TVTropes has three fabulous pages on pyromania and pyromaniacs. They are Pyro Maniac, Sliding Scale: Pyromaniac, and Playing With: Pyromaniac. Definitely look into those pages for ideas on how other creators have portrayed pyromania in books and other media.

Thank you for your question! If you have any comments on this post or other questions about writing, you can message us here


MONSTERS AND MAGIC | The Pyromaniac Lovers

It starts with the impulse to burn each other to the ground, and where do you go from there? Late nights with matches, candles, christmas lights strung haphazard just waiting for a power surge. They light up the piano and play Liszt, Bruch, until the strings melt out from under them. The two most dangerous words in the world, they have learned, are Why not?