Philippines-based artist Jordan Mang-osan harnesses the power of the sun to create beautifully detailed works of pyrographic art. Pyrography (or pygrogravure) is the art of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks resulting from the controlled application of a heated object. For Mang-osan that object is a magnifying glass, which he uses to direct the heat of the sun to etch dark marks onto prepared sheets of plywood. He creates pieces that range from grand landscapes to detailed portraits. It’s a slow and painstaking process required great skill and patience. Each piece takes Mang-osan several months to complete.

"The artist, who is an ethnic Igorot hailing from the mountainous Cordilleras region, stays close to his roots by working with raw, indigenous materials and focusing on subject matter that celebrates the rich heritage of his people and his country.”

To check out more of his pyrography pieces, visit Jordan Mang-osan’s Facebook page or head over to Fine Art America,

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"Deai" by Etsuko Ichikawa

These works are glass pyrographs that are made by drawing with hot molten glass, leaving the immediate charred tracery of my movement with the heat.  It is a way of capturing a fleeting moment and eternalizing it, and it gives the viewer the opportunity to see a gesture

It is a way of capturing a fleeting moment and eternalizing it, and it gives the viewer the opportunity to see a gesture.”


Graffiti with fire… Walker Babington Pyrographer 

Edwardian Gentleman/steampunk graffiti definitely a different take on the genre… fabulous stuff!

Walker Babington seems like quite an elusive chap online, this was one of the only articles I could find about him… Walker Babington photo shoot

It started with a car. They grew up with apologies stuck with dirt under their fingernails, wild rage pyrographed on their ribs, and wars unzipping their spines. Winter made them shake the doubt from their bones, while faceless warriors took hold of their hearts.
When home left its nest hidden between their bodies, they found themselves like castaways on a paper raft. Crimson red waves left sea salt and bitterness on their lips, and hungry beasts plucked their wings from their shoulders.

It started with a fire, and today they still leave embers in their footprints, and taste ashes on the other’s lips. They felt the pull of the sun under their skin, fed galaxies with crumbs of hope, while wars were being fought in their hearts.They were never heroes, never won anything but cracked ribs and despair rolling like water down their cheeks. 

It started with blood. They lie with the same mouth they kiss with. They’re a silent hurricane, a quiet storm where rain fills oceans in their veins. Home is two sets of initials, crinkling eyes and two parenthesis framing a secret smile. Stars will burn out, but their hands will always find each other in the dark.

It never started with love. It was never romance. It was loving destruction, worship moaned around their fingers and dangling like a golden idol around a neck. They never knew how to touch without hands, but never needed to.

I forgot your name, you forgot mine,
We are nothing but a growl, ephemeral and deadly.
Blasphemy has never been so tender.

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