Who is my Inspiration? Well @bodybuildingcom & @dymatize, I am about to turn the sappy meter up, but I would have to say my wife @keelie_t inspires me. She is the key element to me turning my life around. After I got back from a pretty scary week long vacation from the hospital, she completely changed OUR diet & lifestyle and started us on a better path. Its been a long road but I am finally catching a glimpse of the finish line. And I can’t lie it is much easier to travel on this journey with #MyRib at my side. So that is why my inspiration is my wife, my gym partner, my life partner, my best-friend, and my biggest competition in the gym (I am almost positive her goal is to out squat me… and she just may do it, lol). #200kTransform #TBT #4thOFJuly2014 #ILoveMyWife #HammockLife #GoodTimes
By pyriahs_journey