“No… It was… just… hard… difficult times… especially when your best friend dies in your arms.” Will sighed. Should I show him how disgusting I look? He’s only a stranger, I only show my true self to my lover… who is dead. Will hesitated to speak, he just decided to explain himself, and not expose himself. “My blood cells have a pigment, like plants, the pigment is black… so my veins are black… and it looks gross… I don’t like showing anyone. My veins aren’t black on my hands or face… thanks to medication.”

“Shit, man, I’m sorry to hear that.” Being the nosy piece of shit that he was, he took a gander at the memory as Strife thought of it…and immediately regretted his decision. Seriously, shit, man. 

He leaned forward with interest, gaze drifting to the man’s wrist and neck in the hopes of spotting some of the unusual colouration, but it seemed pretty well hidden. “Huh, that just sounds kinda cool, but I guess if you’re different in any way that can cause you problems. I had a similar thing with my skin being grey and all. People are fucking assholes.”

“So what do you do these days?”

Pyramat Sound Rocker

Pyramat Sound Rocker

The Pyramat Sound Rocker is a state of the art gaming chair designed by the company Pyramat.

The gaming chair lets you hear and feel the action from your console games, music and movies.

The Pyramat Sound Rocker is covered in soft PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) and uses ARX (Audio Response Technology) to produce quality sound.

You can find this chair at and it costs £170.

I like this chair because of the way it looks, it looks comfy and with the speakers just about your head it would make you feel  as if your in the game, and also with the volume controls at the side of the chair its easy to work.

pyramatic-disassembler asked:

Will knocked on Sips' door. "Hey Sips? You there?" Will tapped his foot anxiously and stared at his feet.

Sips looked up from his paperwork, eyebrow raised in confusion. Who the hell could that be? He never got visitors during the day anymore. 

A golem went to open the door, clumsily gesturing to Strife to come in. Sips stood up from his desk when he recognised his visitor. He rolled his eyes.

“Great, another Strife. What do you want?” 

Log 4A1

A weird audio tape is found in the brush along side a cobble road.

“This… This is Second Pyramatic Commander… William Strife. My ship has crashed and my fellow members have died on impact. This Planet’s ozone layer is thin, there is barely any O2 on this planet. In my Ship’s loot crate there are four oxygen injections. I need to take one a day so my body can survive and do it’s tasks. I need to find food and water.” The man paused and his tone was shaky and it definitely sounded like he was about to cry.

“…If anyone hears this that I know… I am in pain… I’m probably dead. During the crash my thigh bone was cut and two of my veins burst. I have to sit and inject myself with an artificial vein or perform robotic surgery on myself.” He crackled up and began tearing up. “The robotic surgery may be painful… but it has a one hundred percent chance of me surviving. But If I survive looking like an artificial freak… who will love me? …This is Pyramatic Commander signing off.”
The tape ended.

Log 4A2

“F-Fuck being professional. This planet freezes over at night. I guess maybe by biome. I am shivering my ass off. I only have three oxygen injections…” He paused after sighing. “I cut myself up yesterday and I attempted an artificial vein… it failed. I was bleeding out, I had to do robotic surgery. One fourth of my thigh is now a disgusting fake part… How the hell would anyone love me looking like this?” He sighed louder than before.

“I had to wrap a gel like band on my wrist, it regulates how much morphine to put into my system… I didn’t measure the electric stitching right when I implanted the robotic cast, now my stitches are infected. If I don’t be careful I could overdose on Morphine and basically go fucking crazy. Also, if I don’t find purified water on this planet to clean my stitches I could actually die sooner.” He yet again crackled his voice, right about to cry. “I miss my girls. I miss my friends. I miss being held.. I miss physical contact. Light, if you hear this I love you, and I miss you.” Will growled. “Fuck this never mind. Nobody will ever hear these… but I’ll just keep talking to make myself feel better. Parvis… if you hear this.. Why did you leave? You left so soon… and now I’m saying a goodbye that will never be heard.”

“I was digging at the crash site and I was so lucky to find my suit and Atomic Disassembler. I’ll be able to regulate my body temperature. I’ll be alright for now… but now I have to bury my dead crew members and curl up to a grave and cry…

Pyramatic Commander signing off.”