More Tron shenanigans!  This time with a nearly-show-accurate Tesler to use as a reference.  Also some basic idea of what lights are going on which layers.  (The circuit layer is more of a place-holder; I’m not going to even try to work that out until I have physical pieces built)

Also those gloves are nightmarishly complicated and usually hidden beneath the cape so like gdi tesler do you want me to hate you.

New Paper Craft: Paper Crafts for Kids - Rabbit Pyonko Free Paper Toy Download
New Papercraft has been published on PaperCraftSquare:
Link: http://www.papercraftsquare.com/paper-crafts-for-kids-rabbit-pyonko-free-paper-toy-download.html
Paper Craft Name: Paper Crafts for Kids - Rabbit Pyonko Free Paper Toy Download

This is a cute Rabbit paper crafts for kids, named Pyonko, from meidi-ya‘s Jam Village papercraft series. You can download the paper toy template here: Paper Crafts for Kids – Rabbit Pyonko Free Paper Toy Download
For More infomaion please click on: http://www.papercraftsquare.com/paper-crafts-for-kids-rabbit-pyonko-free-paper-toy-download.html
More papercrafts, paper models, paper toys at PaperCraftSquare.com

Two (mostly) unrelated pieces of fanart for Pyon!

1) Mushy sleepy Dawn and Bikuta off on an adventure somewhere (because a backpack appeared mid-sketch when the pose wasn’t working out aha whoops)

2) Inky, who has nothing to do with Valentines but is so dang pretty I’ve been meaning to draw her/him for a good while now.  Hopefully I will render it up at some point but experience tells me not to try to start that tonight |’D

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve been reading a lot of comics lately just because of the way things are for me right now. Was reading the essential dykes to watch out for a bit every day, then in the last quarter of the book or so I couldn’t put it down no matter how hard I tried. holy shit

holy. shit. 

here is an approximation of my face as it all spiraled downward