I feel like the old school wrestling critics who want to go back to booking as a pseudo-sport rather than writing as narrative television are just so deluded.

I’m talking about people like Wade Keller and his douches over at PWtorch and yep Jim Cornette (who I respect the hell out of) I heard Jim talk about how MMA has become hugely popular via what wrestling use to do in building up two guys and people paying to see who’s toughest. Anyone who thinks wrestling today post-kayfabe, post-complete exposure of its inner-workings can compete with MMA on those terms is just tripping.

I feel like people mad about the out come of Orton/Bryan tonight are focusing on the match as being about a fictional title/contest rather than being another chapter in the wider arc of TV narrative.

Interestingly, read old dirtsheets from the 90s. These guys were hopped up on seventies nostalgia and the kind that saw Bill Watts as WCW’s saviour! That says it all.

PWTorch: Changes to The Shield evident in post-loss promo (w/Analysis of the group vs. individuals)

The Shield’s trio of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns have always had individual personalities, but those personalities previously blended together to form one, solid unit.

Now, WWE is beginning to spread out and reinforce individual characteristics as part of changes to the group.

With The Shield having lost two six-man tag matches in two weeks, it’s clear that changes are coming to the group. This was evident in athree-minute video promo released on WWE’s website following The Shield’s loss to Christian & The Usos in a six-man tag on Friday’s Smackdown. (The promo can be viewed HERE on

- U.S. champion Dean Ambrose: Ambrose is taking on the characteristics of an arrogant heel who over-states his importance. Ambrose has always been the more vocal leader of the group, but now he is beginning to look and feel like the typical undersized WWE heel whose bark is stronger than his bite.

In the post-loss promo, Ambrose called himself the most-important singles champion in WWE, an obvious boast when he’s holding a second-tier title. Ambrose then tore into Christian, asking if he’s washed up or “just a veteran,” which will set up Christian and his fanbase looking for Ambrose to get comeuppance.

What separates Ambrose from other “undersized WWE heels” is how convincing he is as a diabolical vilain, which will eventually make him and WWE a lot of money down the road when he’s a singles wrestler.

- Tag champion Roman Reigns: Reigns’s change is most-intriguing. Throughout the post-loss promo, Reigns sat quietly next to Ambrose holding a serious, confident tone for the camera.

In the beginning, Reigns was the quiet muscle who was given one or two lines, then did his talking in the ring via The Spear. But, it seemed like Reigns was only given a few lines because he wasn’t ready to do more talking.

Now, it feels like Reigns is only given a few lines because his character is ultra-confident and doesn’t need more than a few words to make his point. He’s almost become the “quiet strength” leader of the group, not “quiet muscle” whose only function is to beat people up and take orders.

In the post-loss promo, Reigns exuded a certain charisma, poise, and posture that made him look like a future top star. He has the pedigree because he’s The Rock’s cousin, and now he’s developing the poise and right facial expressions that come with being a top star.

- Tag champion Seth Rollins: Rollins’s character has probably changed the least of the three, playing the role of the out-spoken, hot-head who will do crazy things for “the cause” of The Shield.

In this post-loss promo, Rollins simply walked around in the background for three minutes selling frustration, anger, and inner-turmoil over The Shield’s six-man tag loss on Smackdown. Rollins disappeared for a few seconds, returned to the camera shot in the background, and made his presence known only when appropriate without distracting from Ambrose’s speech.

Rollins was spot-on in his portrayal of inner-turmoil ready to explode outwardly, making him stand out without over-shadowing.

Caldwell’s Analysis: Overall, the group still has the presence and feel of a big deal, even though WWE curiously booked them to lose to the weakest three-man unit formed against them during their WWE run. It doesn’t appear that the group is doomed; it feels more like WWE wants to accentuate some individual characteristics going forward to being Stage 2 of The Shield’s run. It would be a good idea to return Shield to their winning ways - and over legit opposition - to make sure the audience still takes them seriously. And, fortunately for Shield, not too many people are watching Smackdown right now, so WWE can still keep the group strong on Raw and PPVs. It remains to be seen, though, with WWE’s booking changing from week-to-week.

Rating del episodio de WWE RAW del 3 de marzo 2014

Rating del episodio de WWE RAW del 3 de marzo 2014

Como es una costumbre en Sùperluchas, a continuación les presento los niveles de audiencia registrados por el episodio de WWE RAW, correspondientes al pasado lunes 3 del mes de marzo del año 2014, show que llevó a cabo en vivo y directo desde el All State Arena, en Chicago, Illinois. (more…)

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To have a wife or girlfriend or whatever you may have, I was married 30 years in this business. It takes a very special lady to be married in this business and be married to somebody in this business and is willing to put up with what they put up with and is willing to stay home and take care of the homefront and take care of the children and take care of you when you’re home. I miss my wife dearly and I always will. Tomorrow it would be our 34th Anniversary and I will take some roses out to her gravesite tomorrow. I’ll tell her thank you and I miss ya’ and Merry Christmas and one day we’ll be together again. Thank you so much again for having me. A lot of folks ask me, What’s the difference between Percy Pringle and Paul Bearer? Not a damn thing. And Bill Moody. That’s all me.
—  William “Paul Bearer” Moody to PWTorch, three months before passing away.

After Battleground and Raw, the best way for the audience to tell WWE they won’t play WWE’s games is not to order Hell in a Cell.

WWE’s “temper-tantrum and abandonment” issues aside, this Raw made a few things clear: Big Show is now the top babyface in the promotion until Cena returns, the big Power Trip Storyline feud that WWE now wants to promote is Big Show vs. Triple H over Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H, Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan is confirmed as a secondary feud that needs Shawn Michaels as special ref to help sell the next PPV, and the WWE Title lost even more value tonight. WWE tried to dump a whole lot of sugar on the bad taste in fans’s mouths after Battleground last night, but the overall booking problems with the McMahon Family Power Trip remain in-play. It came across like WWE trying to distract the audience from the existing problems by offering some “feel-good” moments on Raw that gave the audience hope after WWE lost a good chunk of viewers following Night of Champions.


hilariously clueless shit-baby stuff from PWTorch.

The people on that site seem like they’d honestly watch Comic Book Guy on the Simpson and not get the joke.

The unpleasable whining, entitled online fanboy consensus has done a lot more to hurt the business than anything actually IN the business.

“the sheep will buy anything the “universe” throws at them.” Top comment on the article. Jeez, watching/following something you don’t enjoy and sneering at those who do. What a fulfilling hobby.

there was a point when I thought certain foods were healthy because they tasted yummy, but I don’t sit here twenty years later saying the hall of fame for nutrition should go to popsicles

Wade Keller, PWTorch Livecast on why he doesn’t believe Ultimate Warrior is a Hall of Fame headliner

i love this because wade is 42 which means that age 22 he believed popsicles were healthy because they were yummy

i thought better of nancy

12/7 WWE in Charlotte, N.C.: Cena vs. Rollins caps off the weekend

(7) John Cena beat Seth Rollins in a Charlotte Street Fight after AA’ing Seth through a table from the second turnbuckle.

Overall, pretty good show. On a side note, we saw the Dean Ambrose t-shirt sell out at the merch stand. Pretty good for a guy who wasn’t even there!

Biggest Pops:

(1) Cena
(2) Ziggler (when he let a kid with Down syndrome help him up after Harper threw him to ringside).
(3) MizDow
(4) Ryback/New Day

Biggest Heat:

(1) Seth Rollins (who played the “you sold out ” chants perfectly).
(2) The Miz


Wrestling News Providers

Obviously you can count on Kayfabe for Dummies to get you reliable information regarding the WWE during your week; but in case you wanted to check our sources here’s a list of different places we explore for news about the WWE. (In order of what’s the most reputable & accurate)

  1. The Wrestling Observer ($9.99 subscription!)  
  2. Cage-Side-Seats 
  3. Pro Wrestling Torch
  4. Squared Circle Sub Reddit Warning: take everything you read on Reddit with a grain of salt. Lots of speculative rumors, not fact. 
  5. Uproxx (We highly recommend author/editor Brandon Stroud who posts on uproxx)
  6. WWE Bleacher Report
  7. Wrestlezone
  8. WWE Network Reddit

Check out any of these sights for reports on WWE TLC from last night! 


Another Report from Fairfax, VA 12/6

- 97 percent of the vote went to a Street Fight fort the main event.

(7) Dean Ambrose beat Bray Wyatt in a Street Fight. Loud cheers when Ambrose’s music hits. Early on, the crowd chants, “We Want Tables.” Bray Wyatt grabs mic and says “What do you want?” and the crowd responds with “tables” a few times, but he says “no” and drops the mic. Wyatt breaks apart stairs and stands one up one the ramp and grabs Ambrose to throw him into it. Ambrose reverses and throws Wyatt into them. Dean Ambrose throws chairs into the ring while Wyatt rolls out of the ring and grabs a kendo stick. Wyatt sets the stick up on the turnbuckle pointing towards the center of the ring, and then pushes Ambrose’s face into it. Ambrose then pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up sideways next to a turnbuckle. Wyatt throws him into it, but the table did not break, only bent. The ref soon takes the table away. Wyatt brings out another table and sets it straight up next to a different turnbuckle, Ambrose pushes him onto it and climbs to the top rope and hits Wyatt with an elbow drop, breaking the table. Wyatt gets thrown into a chair propped up in the corner. Ambrose with a Dirty Deeds for the win.

- Best match of the night: Ambrose vs. Wyatt.
- Loudest Cheers: Dean Ambrose.
- Loudest Boos: Rusev.

Rating del episodio iMPACT! Wrestling del 26 de junio 2014

Rating del episodio iMPACT! Wrestling del 26 de junio 2014

Saludos lectores, como es una costumbre de, a seguidas les presento los niveles de audiencia registrados por el episodio de Impact Wrestling, correspondiente al pasado jueves que contábamos a 26 del mes de junio del año 2014, actualmente en curso. Show que se transmite por la cadena de cable estadounidense Spike TV. (more…)

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WWE Smackdown Spoilers 11/25/14

Source: PWTorch

During the Pre-Show Half of the arena was tarped off, but the crowd was into it. “Let’s Go Cena / Cena Sucks” chants, as well as “Feed Me More” before the start.

Smackdown SPOILERS 11/28

Tonight’s episode of Smackdown opened with the same Sting video promo that was shown on Raw.

- Miz TV: The crowd loved Damien Sandow and booed The Miz. Big Show came out to 50/50 cheers and boos. “You Sold Out” chants until Miz did the “when my hand goes up, you shut up” line. Show started talking about his situation when Daniel Bryan came out and the crowd erupted. Bryan announced that he’s running Smackdown tonight. He booked Ryback vs. Seth Rollins, Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler for the IC Title, and Rusev’s U.S. Title battle royal that he mentioned on Raw.

Match #1

Rusev won a 20-man battle royal to retain the U.S. Title. Participants included Rusev, Miz, Sandow, Show, Erick Rowan, Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter), Titus O’Neil, Heath Slater, Curtis Axel, Stardust, Goldust, Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara, Adam Rose, Tyson Kidd, Diego, Fernando, Cesaro, Jimmy Uso, and Jey Uso.

Rough order of elimination: Justin Gabriel was out first and then Sin Cara followed by Axel, Slater, Rose, Los Matadores, Show, Rowan, Miz, (so Sandow, being the miz’s stunt double eliminates himself), Stardust and Goldust, one of the Usos, O’Neil, and the other Uso to arrive at a Final Four of Cesaro, Rusev, Kidd, and Swagger. Kidd was eliminated, then Cesaro, then Swagger, and Rusev is still champion.

- Backstage: Kane was selling t-shirts. Santino told Kane that he wants Ryback shirts, then Santino ran away scared.

- After a break, Bray Wyatt came out for a lights-out promo on Dean Ambrose. Real good promo from Bray about his match against Dean at TLC.

- Promo for “A New Day” Which incovently is debuting… tonight.

Match #2

Divas champion Nikki Bella (w/Brie Bella) beat Emma. Basic squash with no help from Brie. Afterward, Nikki cut a promo about “the truth of A.J. Lee,” then A.J. came out and worked over Nikki. “C-M Punk” chants took over and the segment ended with the Bellas walking up the ramp and A.J. angry in the ring.

- Backstage: Kane’s merchandise stand was destroyed.

Match #3

Ryback beat Seth Rollins via DQ when Kane ran in and attacked Ryback. Rollins gave Kane a chair and he beat Ryback with it. Kane chokeslammed Ryback onto the chair and the segment ended with Kane standing tall over Ryback.

Match #4

The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E. & Xavier Woods) beat Slater Gator & Curtis Axel in a six-man tag match.

- Daniel Bryan was interviewed backstage. He booked Kane vs. Ryback in a Chairs match at the TLC PPV. Bryan was asked if he will be back soon and he erupted in “Yes!” chants.

Main Event

Dolph Ziggler beat IC champion Luke Harper via count-out; Harper retained the IC Title. Ziggler won after superkicking Harper near the announce table. Afterward, Harper tried to hit Ziggler with the title belt, but Ziggler reversed into a Zig-Zag. The taping ended with Ziggler standing tall.

For the live crowd, it was Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt.

Dark Match: Dean Ambrose beat Bray Wyatt via DQ when Bray hit Dean with a kendo stick. Bray beat him with the stick until Dean reversed and beat Bray with the stick to close the taping and send the crowd home happy.