Finally now a mainstream anime is getting good,kirito deserve sniper chick

but seriously this is what i mean by getting good. the series will have some love triangle (no surprise every anime romance does this) there holding hands and laying on each other.

its like what one article said. asuna = old news. how can a fairy elf princess compete with a sniper chick. maybe the anime its a polictal commentary about how gaming perfers the hero with  a gun rather than a medieval elf person like legend of zelda its some crazy shit.

Pokemon Proves video games to be a valuable thing in society.

Think about it,with the recent twitch tv event in which thousands of people can control one single pokemon game. This alone gives us a way to view and experiment social behavior.  In pokemon,you explore the world and capture pokemon,but there are so many things you need to accomplish and mistakes new players can make,such as getting lost or tossing away an important item(not key items)

it shows how a lot of people have to work together to beat the game,and stretches the limits on how far human can work as a team.

it also plays in part of politics and governments,if you give total freedom to your citizen (or in this case the players) they might work together,but ultimately a few will mess up on purpose for their own amusement. 

while in democracy mode players vote on which command to use,therefore things get done in the game and they are able to beat it.

all of this from an old video game that is banned at school.  

written by pancakes