One of the best things about visiting home is the return to the ‘constants’ in life. With everything up in the air in a whirlwind of variables, home possesses consistency, and reminds me what’s real and important.
So it’s even more jarring when big changes happen at home. Reveals, it’s not the same; it can’t be.
But that’s progress.
—  Philip Wang
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Let’s catch up

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Dance to this Song - Official Video (Pop-up version)

OMFGEEEE!!! Look it!!! LOOOOKKKK! So today I learned that:

  • Phil used to work at Tapoica Express
  • Wes likes Horchatas
  • Ted likes chocolate donut bars
  • Phil likes cake donuts
  • Kevjumba and Wong Fu Productions first met at Six Flags: Magic Mountain back in 2009 (I was there)
  • Spencer is 4 years old
  • Wes’ voice is actually in the “Ayy”s. It’s a combo of Phil, Kevin, David, AND Wes.
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‎”Do you realize, there’s only two options for our future together? it’s either we break up, or we get married..?”

-Wong Fu Productions. Another short. Strangers, again.

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Kung Fooled - Wong Fu Productions

Freddie Wong
Wesley Chan
Nathan Moore
Ryan Higa
Brandon Laatsch

dude, the black man was amazingly funny.