ANGRY Make Ups...

Elizabeth had been sleeping peacefully, flat-sitting for Sherlock for two days now. All was going fine until….until there was a smash and a crashing noise and the pwang of a violin falling from its stand, followed by the rustling of music sheets. Shit.
Leaping out of bed before she could think, she ran straight into the living room to find, oh. A familiar face, thank god. “…what the hell! What the hell?? What. What the fuck?!!” She shrieked, waving her hands about dramatically. “What the….what??!!” She was utterly speechless with shock.


nursebendovah asked:

"Mow." Tiddles drops out of a nearby tree onto whichever of your characters happens to be under it. Or all of them. Because I need a laugh.

Xorbert snoozed under the tree outside Booty Bay. He came there hours before, on the trail of this blasted cat. Though he knew now that Aimin had been asked to watch Tiddles, and the bruisers had been checking in on it, he still felt responsible for it. After all, it was all he had of Ella for now, while she was gone. Certainly kept him busy, when it ran off after rats and bugs and climbed up trees and got stuck.

So he sat under this tree, waiting for Tiddles to find his own way down. But in the tropic heat, it wasn’t long until Xorbert was a snoring lump. Until Tiddles flew from above and crashed down upon him with tiny claws and fluttering leaves. Xorbert snorted awake, flailed out his arms and pwang! There goes a button high in the air. “Mow!” Tiddles raises the charging cry and springs off Xorbert’s jelly belly to chase after the button. 

Xorbert sighs and slumps back on the tree. Why couldn’t he be babysitting a snail?