In Swampy Seconds Randy had handed Howard his book bag to hold, but then Howard showed a “Why the juice did you give me this” reaction for a brief second and then just threw the book bag on the ground.

And I keep laughing at this because Randy was expecting Howard to hold his bag but then he didn’t and Randy was just “whatever okay”.


One of my favorite things about making gifs for rc9gn, is that I get to see each frame in the animation, and it’s just so cool seeing what kind of detail they put in a pose, or expression.

Like one of my favorites is in So U Think U Can Stank, in the scene when Randy is fighting Juggo.

Randy pulls out those ninja spikes of his, in order to keep his ground to grab Juggo’s unicycle away. Like I just think that’s so cool they put that there, it didn’t need to be, they could have just made him slide, then stand like normal. But they added the spikes which is something that would’ve totally been done if it was real life for this move, and it just makes it so cool!

Over the times I’ve made gifs of Randy passing out due to the Nomicon. Even though Randy’s body appears, soulless and mindless. When ever his body falls over, it makes some expressions as if reacting to it, and it’s just funny.

Another cool thing is the amount of expressions the characters go through in just one scene. I remember Kim Arndt, mentioned how cool it was the animation team was able to fit all the expressions from the boards.

The expressions in this show are really cool on there own also. They get me really happy because of that.

And the ninja, who has all but his eyes covered, still has such great emotion and expression showing.

Not to mention poses!!

Animation smears can be pretty funny sometimes, but the ones here are really cool looking.

When I first heard about this show I was expecting the average flash animation seen often on TV now, but it’s actually much more impressive, and pretty and I totally love it.