I didn’t have a caption for this, but while I was drawing it I remembered this post, that was the first thing in the “Norrisville Ninja” tag for a good while (until I retagged older posts on my personal blog).

So tada… ?

Edit: I wasn’t thinking when I wrote Bill’s bubble so I put a “ninja(s)” instead of just “ninjas” forgetting about the rest of the sentence.


I did this because I could. An attempt at Kim Possible in RC9GN style (I can’t get the outlining down, yet for these things sadly)

I wanted to get as possibly close as she could look in such a style, and used, Morgan’s body type, Theresa’s head shape, Flute Girls’ hair style, and the outfits Morgan’s Dance Team wears, as reference.

Randy’s just there for looks, I’m not sure what her actual height would be compared to him.

Original model sheet by Bishounenizer


So a year ago today (Feb 12th) I posted a preview of my Human Nomicon design (Though the final design wasn’t posted till the 17th)

It’s become very popular with both the fans and staff, so I feel pretty proud of this thing, despite troubles I hit with it later.

So I finally made a height chart because why not?

Some have asked me how I designed it, which I made a "slide show" as to what I did.

I’ma answer a few questions here that I’ve gotten for it over the year (That I have answered, but it’s probably been long forgotten, though the original information can be found in my tags)

Recently I’ve had questioning as to “Why is it more human than magical looking?”, well that’s exactly it. My attempt was to make it “human” not humanoid. If I wanted to make it humanoid I would’ve had a lot more fun and been more creative with the design.

Why does it look so much like Randy?" You have to remember, I was designing this before even Ninja Camp or Stank’d to the Future came out. The only other ninja-figure I had to work with was Randy. Even in my early posts you see me saying "I’m assuming all the ninjas look-alike, for Norrisville not to notice, and for it to have the same head-shape on the Nomicon’s cover" Over time, I have slightly altered it’s design to try and not look alike to Randy so much.

Read more ->(It got lengthy, but please continue reading if you want to know about certain things)

I believe that’s about all. Thanks for reading this whole thing if ya did. Sorry for the long post. Thanks for giving me confidence in my design skills, and so on with this thing. Thanks a bunch of those of you who have given me fanart and much more of this thing.

Original model sheet by Bishounenizer



>So it’s been 21 years and we still haven’t learned how to swim?

>Pretty much.

>But, hey, at least we can drink now?

>You mean you can.


This was mainly based on this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw0TvOtHij4 .

So about 3 days of last minute planning and listening to “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre, I bring you the biggested gif I ever made, so big I couldn’t render all of it into a gif at once, and put it into different parts. Lets hope Tumblr uploads them correctly.

Happy [late] Birthday Sonic [and Eggman!]

Edit: Man, it glitches so much.

I have completed it.

I didn’t change much. Just the designs toward the bottom of the suit/cape and moved the main top design to the middle of the chest.

I just wanted to animated how I imagine the cape would look. Only it’d be a little slower and probably more flow-like but, I couldn’t get that many frames in at once.

There was an attempt at 9th Grade Ninja style also.