|| Bring The Night On||Purray
  • At the condo around 5:30
  • Brittany:was putting on the last touches on her make up on and then she would be ready to go to the ball that was being held for the event that Stephanie was throwing for the hospital and for Sam’s mom. She honestly didn’t want to go at first but her mom had told her that Dylan would need all of his friends there since his father and brother would not be. So she decided to go long enough to be there for Dylan and then she was going to come back home to her daughter. She sighed softly as she peaked into the living room to see Chris watching cartoon with Ari sitting on his lap. She understood that the biggest reason he wouldn’t go was because of Stephanie but at the same time she knew he needed to be their for Dylan just like she needed to and he was going even if she had to drag him there. She put her black gloves on making sure the were straight as she walked into the livingroom standing in front of the tv “Christian..” she said putting her hands on her hips “you need to go get ready.. the ball starts in an hour… we need to get their early” she stated seeing that she was basically talking to a wall. She walked around the table grabbing their daughter from his hands, she knew that if anything would get his attention would be the fact that someone took Ari out of his hands “Come here baby.. daddy is being a big stubborn poopy head” She said putting Ari on her hips, giggling when the baby smiled letting out a little squeal “yes he is.. and you know what..mommy is gonna make him go whether he likes it or not.. so you can stay with grandpa and grandma Mel” she cooed