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prompt: childbirth doesn’t hurt for sakura

Childbirth didn’t hurt as much as Sakura thought it would.

At least, it wasn’t as bad as Ino had told her it would be.

The first few hours of going through contractions and heavy breathing was painful, but Sakura was one to endure pain better than most women. She was strong, just like Sasuke had told her over and over while he held her hand in his. He had barely left her bedside. He talked to her about small things like what color they should paint their daughter’s room in their new home or where the three of them would vacation together in the future. Sakura replied with simple answers, but was grateful for the distraction.

She was almost fully dilated when one of the nurses rushed out of the room, calling for the doctor.    

Before Sakura could react in fear, the doctor came in, looked at the monitors, and asked her to move to the side a few times.

“We have to do an emergency c-section.” The doctor said.

Sakura could only nod and was rushed around by a few nurses preparing her for surgery. She looked to Sasuke, who was standing on the sideline.

“I’ll be there with you.” He said, and she believed him.

Sasuke stayed by her side, looking a little funny in scrubs. A curtain was hung over her body to keep her from seeing her stomach being cut open.

It was an odd sensation. Sakura could hear everything, the metal instruments clinking and the low tones of the doctors and nurses, and she definitely could feel someone digging through her stomach.

But she didn’t feel pain at all. 

And when she heard her baby crying, she was relieved.

She was happy that she was a mom. She was happy that she gave birth to a beautiful princess and was finally able to give Sasuke a family.

But she was also tired, very, very tired.

So when Sakura lets her eyes close, she couldn’t seem to open them again. Even through the faint cries of her husband and daughter around her, all she could focus on was the absence of pain.

Sakura felt like everything was alright. That Sasuke would be a great father. That her princess would be the best daughter.

That even without her, those two would manage just fine because they knew how to love.

Just like how she loved them. Fiercely.

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Oh my, the RT Life today. Instead of Chris crashing into a wall, he crashes into Reader

You’re absent-mindedly checking your phone when you hear your name being called and suddenly you’re pressed against a wall by Chris who has each foor on a different razor scooter.

With a breathy giggle, he apologises, “I’m so sorry, Y/N, are you alright?”

With a grin, you tease, “Yeah, but next time you wanna pin me to a wall you’re taking me out first.”