I think I shoud b in it bc im fucking hilarious. omfg. I always got dem pickup lines ;) lol. but i like talking, doing blogrates, etc. I will talk a lot and when i was in kindergarden i peed my pants bc the stupid gym teacher wouldnt let me pee. lol I hope i get picked! :~) (you gotta add the squgily nose)

For promo group:

Why I should be in the pussycat dolls: (I’ll keep this short)

^^ gotta love some good miranda awkwardness

  • Im awesome ;) ( i joke im not cocky or anything)
  • When I was younger these girls invited me to be apart of their own seven-year-old pussycat doll group and I was the coolest kid ever we would walk around and sing their songs…so I kinda wanna be back in the group and be cool again
  • I need some friendsss
  • full 1D blog and im always on (besides when I am forced to attend jail or “school”)
  • and uh yea

Thanks guys!! 

i should be a pussycat doll cause i think you both are all dope af and wanna become bestfriends with you guys!

if you add me i wiil give you all kisses

and i will dance for you

so add me you wont regret it