A Love Letter (To The Woman I Love)

I am 16 years old. A lot of people would say I am too young to know what love is. I would respond you’re too old to know what love is. What is love? Baby don’t hurt me. Love is everything. Everything is Love. Hate is Love. Love is Hate. Love is a curse. Love is a gift. Love is life and Life is love. I can continue filling up this post with these empty descriptions of Love, but I would rather add some red to it by talking about a love of my own. I’m not talking about H.E.R. nor Mary Jane as thats not love. Thats obsession or dedication. Obsession and dedication are just more forms of love though so I contradicted myself. Anyway I am not talking about any non living objects, I am talking about a fellow human being that is hopefully living right at this moment. This human I speak of is my love. I will love this human forever, I will do anything and everything for this human. I want to see this human grow and evolve, never escape my life, never escape my love. Obsession. I am obsessed, I would destroy myself and everything around me for this human. Dedication. I am dedicated, I would do anything and everything for this human no matter how it effects me or anyone else. Whats the difference? Who gives a fuck? I am in love, I love this human. Does this human love me back? I don’t want to know. I am scared. I am scared that I put all of my love in this human for nothing. I am scared my love has no value for this human. No questions. No confessions. Just love. Stay obsessed. Stay dedicated. Just love until you can’t love anymore. I am nowhere near that level yet. This isn’t romantic, this is disgusting, this is stalkerish. I should get a life and stop harassing this human with my love. Whatever happened to humans that loved their humans like disney movies. Who gives a fuck? I love this human, this human stays on my mind 24/7. I dont know what I would do if this human just stopped acknowledging my existence. Where will my love go? Will it end? Can love end? This letter can. Its not really a bloody letter, theres no dear whoever the fuck this awfully typed letter was made for. What is it? A rant? Who gives a fuck? I love this human and I don’t know what to do. Hopefully this gets ignored and forgotten, or famous and will humilate me forever. I needed help and that help was typing this awful love letter. This is for that human I love. I feel so much better now. I can feel my love. Thanks for reading.

othnelia asked:

wait what thats actually happening to me too it just unfollowed like 40 blogs for me o_o

yeah mines gone down by like 300 :/ i wonder if its people who have deactivated but then thats alot and i’m so confused.