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Pushr aims to create an application that enhances the networking experience, allowing users to better organize their accounts and facilitate the connection with others across all social media platforms, making Pushr the go-to smartphone application for real-time networking and targeted information sharing. 

Mount Kimbie **Live Recordings**

Gems. Quite simply, live recordings of this stuff doesn’t get any better. Put your James Blake hyperbole to bed, and let this pull you in and wash you through till you know better. The goosebumps won’t leave you for a while.

Maybes (Live recording - Daytrotter Session) by mountkimbie

Field (Live recording - Daytrotter Session) by mountkimbie

Carbonated (Live recording - Daytrotter Session) by mountkimbie

Before I Move Off (Live recording - Daytrotter Session) by mountkimbie

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I don’t know what to say. She did it. She opened up my head, peeked in, toiled with it & pieced it all together beautifully. Then she mashed it all up. She went all mad venetian jungle on me and threw it open good n proper. And then somehow i’ve managed to listen to it 10 times in less than 5 minutes. She did this. Dazed. A taste from her new upcoming album, Biophillia.

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Pushr has only just seen this
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Sonar (originally an acronym for SOund Navigation And Ranging) is a technique that uses sound propagation (usually underwater, as in Submarine navigation) to navigate, communicate with or detect other vessels. Just so you know.


Sun Glitters – Love Me (:Papercutz Remix)

Switch up and soundscape; Vladimir Miladinovich from Blegrade directed this video for Sun Glitter’s track “Love Me” remixed by :papercut.

This ones been on Pushrs radar a short while now, and watching REAL progress has been something of a learning curve; you can here his progression from the start of his productions to where he is now, and its blossoming and evolving brilliantly. On his latest one he popped up on his sondcloud, all the beats and space are so clean you feel a little washed, warm pads sneak in beside you, wide in your headphones and then they start growling at you. Fresh clean magic. Keep an eye out form more eps this year we think.

Daedelus – Overwhelmed (feat. Bilal) [Star Slinger Remix]

Star Slinger working his remix fix on Daedelus this time. Big slippery synths. And would you believe it, more cowbells. Out on he 8th of July from Ninja Tune. More info here.

Daedelus - Overwhelmed (Feat. Bilal) [Star Slinger Remix] OUT JULY 8TH on NINJA TUNE by Star Slinger

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Hotflush Recordings - Braille + Scuba EPs

After catching Mount Kimbie at Bestival and seeking out something fresh from the on top-UK duo, their label Hotflush Recordings have been pushing some EPs from their immense rostrum of talented producers, this time in the form of Braille - A Meaning and Scuba - Adrenalin

Braille - A Meaning EP [HFT017] by Hotflush

Scuba - Adrenalin EP [HF030] by Hotflush

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Nazca Lines - Compass Points

NZCA/LINES - Compass Points from Lo+LOAF TV on Vimeo.

Nazca Lines is a musical project fronted by singer Michael Lovett and polished up by producer Charlie Alex March. Lovett first approached March with demo tracks he recorded using his guitar, with March promptly telling him to go away and listen to anything but guitar music, specifically R&B siren Ciara and classical composer Stravinsky. What he came back was rather delectable. His vocals are woven in and layered in such a way that pulls you in more and more. Underneath are lush little 80’s pop synths springing and poppin along, with snippets of evolving synths that roll out and fffill you. Its a subtle warmth. A nice approach.>

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Julio Bashmore - Ribble To Amazon

Because it threatens to be summer every now and then, we share with you a Pushr favourite that we still can’t stop playing, a superb b-side to the Batty Knee Dance EP released earlier this year. House rhythems, lush synth pads and chopped up feel good vocals. And it has cowbells. Those sexy ones.

Ribble To Amazon - Julio Bashmore by Gouranga

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