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Name: Maggie
Average Hours of Sleep: 5, currently? 
The Last Thing You Googled: “Forbes Forest designed by Kathy Zimmerman” (Knitting pattern)
Nicknames: Mags, Magpie
Birthday: 28 May
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Height:  ~157 cm/5′2″ 
Favourite Colour: Greens and blues
One Place That Makes You Happy: My mum’s house
How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: My duvet and my fuzzy blue blanket 
Favourite Film: Clue
What I’m Wearing Right Now: I’m all fancy today, so a brown short sleeved jumper over a summery white top, brown plaid trousers and brown ankle books
Last Book I Read: For school or for pleasure? Because for school who even knows, for pleasure Dune
Most Used Phrase: Christ on a STICK
First Words That Come To Your Mind: sleeeeeep
Last Thing You Said To A Family Member: “kk”
Favourite Beverage: teeeeaa 
Favourite Food: Anything my mum makes, or roasted broccoli with lemon and garlic
Last Film I Watched in Theatres: Jupiter Ascending 
Dream Vacation: Somewhere gorgeous where I can be with MH
Dream Pet: An orange and black kitty
Dream Job: Something that pays me to play with Irish media

I tag: andailtinfanach (I know Màiri tagged you, but I’m your girlfriend, so I can too!), dignifiedrice, bellalinguista, kitchy-con-stanti-nople, balanchina, purrprinthom (SEE I LOVE YOU) and anyone else who wants to do the thing

Love Notes.

I really wanna thank Ms Bry, aka lokiworksthepole for her kind words of awesome this afternoon. I was fretting about a very unusual situation ( hence my post earlier today) and she talked me through it and COMPLETELY understood where I was coming from, without making me feel like I was a total nutball. Thank you for helping me clear the fog of anger and frustration.

I cannot thank you enough for that Bry. You are such levels of lovely and awesome….

Also,a shoutout to the lovely hintsandwhispers, grobaninabowtie and purrprinthom for your lovely comments of affection and positivity.  YOU LADIES RULE.

purrprinthom asked:

Reykjavik, Vilnius, Ljubljana

Reykjavik: If you had to choose a country in the World to live forever and ever, which one it would be?

  • wow this is hard. maybe belgium or ireland.

Vilnius: Would you change your nationality if you had the chance?

  • nope. i’m quite content to be canadian.

Ljubljana: Have you ever been mistaken by someone else?

  • well i mean people mistake me for my mum all the time on the phone? i don’t think that counts though.

purrprinthom asked:

I have a seriously disturbing, obsession with H.H Holmes. Its completely wrong, but I think the man was a twisted genius.

I find myself fascinated with his history. Even though he was extremely sick and psychotic, the way he built his castle proves him a genius. Using three different builders so only he knows the complete structure? Wow. 

I don’t blame you, really. :P

claryfry replied to your post “Where should I go when I visit England and Ireland?”

CHELTENHAM, where i live ;)

aww sweetie I’d love to! we’ll be passing by so close on our way to Cardiff probably :)

hirotohk replied to your post “Where should I go when I visit England and Ireland?”

wHEN R U GOING?! also I recommend torquay if you can - they have a penguin sanctuary :)

we’re going in May! and funny story - we ran into some family friends at the mall yesterday and they said they’ll be in Torquay the same time we’ll be in London and I had to lol. but that’s a little far south from where we’re going :( but penguinsssss

purrprinthom replied to your post “Where should I go when I visit England and Ireland?”

Hampton Court palace in England. Absolutely gorgeous. Also, supposed to have ghosts. Ireland: Aran Islands!!!!! I could spend years there.

I think we do plan on going to Hampton Court :) also yes I’m trying to persuade my parents that we need to go to the Aran Islands

purrprinthom replied to your post: I cant believe you think paganism is bullshit. Paganism is an umbrella term for any of various religions other than Christianity or Judaism or Islamism. Things like Wicca and Fae traditions were established long before other old religions. When humans first began to think of the afterlife, many connected it to nature. Thats why if you study any kind of world religion it connects back to nature and the earth in some way. Educate yourself a bit before you turn into a complete and utter ass

Wicca&established before old religions&I JUST DIED


Tagging thing! (Tagged by Thomas.)

1. Name: Samantha
2. URL: bookishly-badass.tumblr.com
3. Blog title: This is my blog.
4. Favourite colour: I’m so bad at this question. Oh god. I don’t know.
5. Crush/significant other: Tagged as “the boy,” actually named Oscar.
6. Write something in capitals: RACISM =/= PREJUDICE. RACISM IS SYSTEMIC.
7. Favourite band: At the moment, July Talk. Generally, probably the Arctic Monkeys.
8. Favourite/lucky number: n/a
9. Favourite drink: Non-alcoholic: Coke Zero. Alcoholic: Rye & ginger.
10. Tag ten friends: asplosion, lovelylittleplanet, deadlydinos, purrprinthom, lnorganic, reasonandnonsense, another-damn-ghost, avoicecallingout, palindromeadventures, axon-axoff