thecrimsonkitsune said:

"Trick or Treat Garry!"

Send me “Trick or Treat” for my character’s reaction to your character showing up at my character’s door on Halloween!


"Ah, Hunter? Long time no see!" the purplette smiled as he stepped out and closed the door behind him. "Ne, Hunter? I was actually planning to go trick or treating too, so I don’t have any candy to give. Mind if I join you?~"

Character tense: (Past)
Character: Duke Sateriajis Venomania
Character series: Vocaloid (Evillous Chronicles/The Madness of Duke Venomania )

~ Oh god, I’m so rusty. Lemme try this— ~

The purplette smiles slyly as another woman walks forth, blue eyes focusing on her. She smelled so fresh, very pure, compared to the rest of his ‘company’. Tonight, he could spice things up with someone anew. Waving his hands away, the duke steps forward, offering his hand to her. “And who, my gorgeous flower, would you be?”

That silky voice was usually the last thing women would hear, before they fell for his trance.

roguexninja said:

Trick or treat!

Just then, a large pie that required both hands to hold up was then thrusted into the trick-or-treaters face. With the resulting smack of pie meeting face, whip cream and banana pie were sent everywhere. Onto the porch. The ceiling. The purplette’s pants and shirt. The red heads face.

"I chose trick."

The purplettes. Its always good reminscing about the past with them, and always a good laugh too. And finally met Nati and Pai after so long. Can’t miss out pai’s personal hashtag #akubulat

anonymous said:

why dont you like the kids at school?

"Why don’t I? Well…." This wasn’t the easiest of topics to talk about, because she would always hide away from her troubles. Though now seemed like the time, it was alright. She took in a deep breath and breathed out, "It’s because the kids at school, they bullied me for having un-naturally coloured hair. They would call me a freak and a weirdo, because of how much time I spend at the museum, or that I was next to be taken by the Kotori Obake, but I didn’t care. Whenever I don’t feel like showing up at school, I go to the museum and it makes me feel calm, I can forget about all my worries. Even though the manager isn’t too happy with me staying after hours, it’s the place that I feel most at home." A small smile spread on the purplette’s face, "That’s all."


anonymous said:

"Daddy! Look what Uncle Tsukito gave me!", lifting up her arms, the small purplette showed a small, toy bunny. Smiling, she added,"Do you think Mommy will think it's neat?"

"Ahh, Uncle Tsukito gave you a present?" Takeru picked up the smiling child and sat her in his lap as he looked over the small toy bunny she was proudly showing of. He returned his daughter’s smile eagerly, grinning down at the violet haired girl. "Of course she’ll love it! You know your mother has always been fond of rabbits, that’s why she spends so much time with Usamaro whenever my brother’s come to visit."