Hazel would discover gossip magazines while Annabeth and Piper fell into hysterics as her face got redder and redder the more she turned the pages.

After a while, Piper would finally give in to the begging and do their hair. After a slight mishap with the straightening iron, it was decided to just stay in the realm of braids, ponytails and buns. Even so, needless to say they all turned out perfectly.

And Annabeth would tell them all stories of camp when she was little:  the time when she got lost on the subway going to Olympus, the time when she fell off the climbing wall, the time when this pizza guys randomly turned up on the beach. Getting more outrageous and straying farther and farther from the truth as time went on, she always liked to see how far she could get before the other two caught on to what she was doing.

And then they would watch a movie or attempt to bake something or play a game and just pretend they were normal teenage girls, living normal lives, having a normal sleepover on a normal friday night.

Wow i actually wrote something please don’t read it it’s awful