purple shirt


Lol I was in this movie. This from Mary Kate and Ashley Olson’s Mall Party. It was shot at Mall of America and I played the part of “purple shirt”. I walk by in a purple sweatshirt when they’re singing in Lego Land and one of the twins says “Purple Shirt!”. That’s it, that’s my claim to fame. I’ve been living off the royalties and getting laid because of it ever since. I wishhhh lol. But I love that I can say I was in a MKAO video in the 90s.



Okay so everyone’s been raving about Sherlock’s purple shirt ever since series one. All the fandoms love it. We know it’s a special shirt, the writers know it’s a special shirt. We also all know that Molly got dressed up nice and pretty to woo Sherlock, and “unconsciously” matched her lipstick color to the gift wrap on her present. So, how come no one else noticed that Sherlock wore his best color that night? It’s Christmas. Christmas traditional colors are red, green, and white so why wear purple? Perhaps because he was trying to impress someone? Hmmmmmm Sherlock? HMMMMMM? ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING? WAS IT FOR SOMEONE SPECIAL BECAUSE YOU HAD LOOOOOVE ON YOUR MIND THAT NIGHT?