Ayyeee!! All the way from #westrafrica! Let’s talk about it! Down yah in #charleston #chs the #gullahgeecheenation Dus yah e call #redrice. Down in #neworleans dis yah is #jambalaya and on the west coast of #africa this is #jollofrice. All have slight differences, we put shrimp or okra in it sometimes. Maybe bacon or sausage. Actually supposed to be made with vine rip #tomatoes. Dem mata yah! Lol I used fresh tomatoes and tomato paste. A lil herb en spices up en em! Food of the #africandiaspora #geecheeeats. Actually a tomato #purloo #pilau. #culturethroughfood


Purloo is a fancy Southern spot on the ever expanding O.C Haley (one of the next great boulevards in NOLA)! It is located inside the Southern Food and Beverage Museum and reminded me of my time in Raleigh, North Carolina. We started with the beet salad and hush puppies! My only complaint was that I wish there were more hush puppies on the plate… For the main course I had the hanger skirt. They served it with spoon bread (similar to a moist cornbread), bok choy and tempura fried onion rings!! It was perfection. We finished the meal with the buttermilk chess pie, also perfect. Definitely try this place when you’re in the neighborhood!