melee purists are actual jokes at this point like enjoy not being able to get back to the stage if the opponent is hogging the ledge 

Give Australia their Eurovision Moment

As an Australian Eurovision fanatic, I am over the moon about being allowed to enter Eurovision this year, even if it’s just this one time. 

But the relentless negativity (both here and abroad) is dragging down the mood - Australia isn’t Europe, Australia shouldn’t even be here, Australia can’t win so why would they bother trying

Eurovision is meant to be inclusive, exciting and boundary-breaking, and yet some people are unwilling to let other countries join the party in order to maintain the ‘purity’ of the contest. 

In all honesty, if the purists got their way every single time, the Eurovision Song Contest wouldn’t have the iconic victories of Lordi and Conchita Wurst, nor would it be the spectacle we have come to know and adore every May.

In the spirit of which Eurovision was created, to unite cultures and countries, it’s time to drop the hate - let us Australian fanatics have our moment

Let us reach the top ten or fall flat on our faces, and then let us peacefully head home with our pride intact. 

Come 2016, the contest will be back to how it was, and the purists can return to fighting about whether Israel, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Iceland, Finland, Portugal, Kazakhstan or whoever it may be should be invited, or whether punk, metal or rap should even be allowed to grace its stage.

But stop raining on Australia’s parade - it’s our one and only shot to march alongside our European brethren in the greatest musical event on the planet, and to deprive us of our excitement is to spit in the face of what Eurovision is all about. 

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Who do you think will reach Hardhome first? The Others, lyseni slavers or braavosi anti-slavers?

I think you left out the most obvious choice: Jon Snow (Cue the screams of book-purists everywhere)

But in all seriousness, this question is answered late in A Dance with Dragons. The Lyseni slavers aboard the ships Goodheart and The Elephant are driven north by storms and arrive at Hardhome first. They then rescue some of the women and children. As they sail away, they cruelly throw chains around these poor souls intending to transport their human chattel to Lys to sell them into slavery.

But along the way, the two ships are separated by another storm. Goodheart is forced to anchor at the port of Braavos. There, the ship is seized and assumedly the slaves are freed. (Slavery is against the law in Braavos). Arya witnesses sailors from the Goodheart talking in Pynto’s Tavern. The Kindly Man later suggests that the Elephant made it to Lys.

As far as we know, the wights (and presumably Others) don’t arrive at Hardhome until sometime thereafter. We first hear of the wights attacking Hardhome in Mel’s vision in her chapter and later it’s confirmed by Cotter Pyke’s letter to Jon in ADWD, Jon XII.

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can you reintroduce carbs after aceive the weght loss you wished for with keto?

I count on the fact that you can, though I am not there yet so might not be the most experience person to ask to. Some people become purists or low carb and vow to have changed lifestyle not just for a diet, which I partially agree with cause with keto you have to consider and learn how unhealthy some carbohydrates are for us like, I don’t know, candy bars? I suppose I would be happy to be up to 50g carbs per day and eventually 100g if they come from the fact I can eat tomato sauce, onions, maybe the odd potato here and there, creating maybe a local fluctuation in weight here and there but which at that point, once goal is reached, will just be the normal fluctuations everybody go through. Though what I have learned during keto is that the taste of no carb food is worth the pain of body inflammation the next day, so actually you might say I’ve become a bit of a carbophobic…

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Dude, you still have a self insert fanfic... stop trying to act like you're relevant...

You know what? I’m laughing because I can’t even defend myself from this. You’re damn straight I have a SI fanfic, it’s hilarious and I’m having a great time so you can go and sit at your purist ‘no fun allowed’ table and tell me how that is

Also how am I trying to be relevant??? This entire thing is a wreck

Persia design on Conical Bell sink
Purist Tall faucet

Decorative architecture and Moorish style define the distinctive Persia pattern. Striking open linework contrasts with geometric patterns, giving this Conical Bell sink its finely detailed look. A white background emphasizes the pattern yet is neutral enough to complement different fixture styles. This sink makes a dramatic, artistic statement.

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the magic begins |

favorite book - prisoner of azkaban

"Believe me," croaked Black. "Believe me, Harry. I never betrayed James and Lily. I would have died before I betrayed them."

And at long last, Harry believed him. Throat too tight to speak, he nodded.

Everybody loves Purist, and I mean everybody! (Except for Necrophos, but that’s for another story)

Everyone just wants to be friends with him, despite his huge and burly appearance. He’s just willing to help anyone in need, especially those bullied by the Magic club. He just loves breaking those wands.

Also, this was done live in my first ever twitch stream! Thanks for watching! :D

this is a fanfic sex post

alright you ao3 bastards listen up

ain’t no one give a fuck about a lack of fanfic realism in fanfic porn. ain’t no one wanna read your how-to lesson plan of buttfuckin for fellow fandomites thinly disguised as fic

do you know the hell i went through

son, i’ve been in fandom since 1998. i’ve been in the battle trenches of fanfic porn since 2000. ~yaoi~ used to have no buttsex at all, and then it had magic glide-in buttsex and self-lubricating buttholes and actual phrases like “boypussy” ok that was a real thing

2013 is like a renaissance of pretend sex man

now we have condoms and lube and fingering not necessarily as a preparatory act and buttholes actually get called buttholes

be grateful you little shits