Additional information on Pure Heart/Naïvety*

Kyungsoo will be playing Beomshil, a naïve boy in a tender first love with a hurt girl that crosses to the present from the past through a letter broadcast on radio. He is one of five closely-knit friends, and their camaraderie will be painted along with the first love. The film will take place in Goheung, Jeollanam-do, twenty-three years ago. This is the director’s debut feature-length film.

More details here.

*English title yet to be announced

source 150602, 150402


Leerling: “Meneer, kun je bordstift gewoon met water van je huid spoelen?”

Ik: “Yup!”

*Leerling tekent met veel overgave een Mexicaanse snor op haar gezicht*

Ik: “Maar die stift in je hand is een permanent marker.”