Update on Plantar Faciitis Watch 2013

I’ve had plantar Faciitis since September of last year. It’s waffled between “tight” and “OMG AMPUTATE!” Normally it’s a smooth transition between the two.

Since June I’ve been seeing our athletic trainer 3 times a week for ultrasound and massage. Its basically part of an aggressive regimen to help it heal. In her words, its been a “two steps forward one step back” process since I continue to run. Last week, my over training week, we expected it to be rough and for the most part, things went well, no change in either direction.

This week two things happened that I think changed the entire situation. First, as far as running goes it’s been a rest week. My running has been at the baseline for the summer (Tuesday/Thursday track workouts and the wednesday night distance run). I’ve been there before, so I didn’t expect that to be a cure-all. 

But then the second variable: shoes. I switched into those new Brooks PureConnect2s. Over a year ago I got a gait analysis done and I was told that I didn’t need any support. The Pureconnect2s have some arch support. The person who took care of me at Fit2Run is on the team and knowing my running form AND my injury record, decided to slip these in as an option. 

So I noticed this week, very little pain. Today: none at all. Could it have been my shoes all along?

I plan on doing hill repeats later. That has been the one activity that sends my arch into angry mode. So essentially I plan on intentionally aggravating my arch/PF.