Stationery Shop(J-Subculture)


As you might know, certain stationeries like Zebra Mildliners, Pilot Maica, and the Pilot Dr. Grip series seem to only be available online. Well, that is unless you live nearby a shop that sell Japanese stationeries. 

Unlike those lucky people who live next to a Muji shop, I tend to order certain stationeries that I cannot find where I live online. 

EBay and Amazon can be pricey though. Jetpens is a good store, but it is in USD currency and for a Canadian like myself, the shipping is fairly expensive.

I have been using this site to buy stationery: J-Subculture(

The website looks like another Amazon, but the prices are much cheaper.

For example: Zebra Mildliners:

For all 3 set, it will cost about $12.97 USD + about $ 5 USD. This is much cheaper than what they are selling for on EBay or Amazon.

This is one of my favourite highlighters:

And, they are fairly cheaper on this site as well.

You can combine your shipping to save the cost. I would really recommend that since it does help.

In terms of payment, it is made in JPY(Japanese Yen) which is a good thing coming from a Canadian(CAD to USD exchange is not that great…) and it is through Paypal.

Furthermore, the shop is located in Japan. You do not have to worry about bootlegs from this shop. It is legit. 

Best of Luck.


Chaarrmmmss!! ;; v ;; Ive never made charms before so im given them a try~ These are mostly just test ones (as you can tell by the broken Pearl over there) I had so many screw ups and printing these out were a bit of a pain too. So while i work out the kinks, I’d like to know if anyone would be interested in purchasing a charm? So far i only have Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, & Peridot. i have sketches for other gems but i first wanted to test and make sure these would actually work. They will also be paired with a little star bead~ So yes please let me know if you’d buy one & at what price~


Yesterday I went to my comic shop and this what is I bought! They’re all in Italian.
Aside Hyouka that I’ve read the first volume online, they’re all new chapters for me so I’m hella excited to read them asap ☺️😁

  • Hyouka vol.1 (HELL YEAH you can’t understand how excited I am)
  • Sugar Soldier vol.7 by Mayu Sakai
  • Aruito vol.4 by Nagamu Nanaji
  • Hallelujah Overdrive vol.11 by Kotaro Takata
  • Natsu no zenjitsu by Motoi yoshida (I got all the 5volumes)
  • Shiki no zenjitsu by Hozumi (one volume only)

Yesterday I also went to my friend’s house who read mangas as me (she has a bigger knowledge of manga than me btw) and in truth the last two mangas of this list I borrowed them from her! I haven’t read them yet, she said they’re good manga and I trust her ;)

So in honor of the photos of the wedding the other day and the posting of the chatelaine from Etsy, I ordered one to commemorate the event. I received the luckenbooth chatelaine today and I am well pleased. It is well crafted and a nice weight. I may use it for my work badge and key and my thumb drive (not sure yet). But if any of you saw that post and wanted to have a chatelaine with a Scottish significance for our favorite housekeeper I highly recommend this. I am not affiliated with the craftsperson just a very satisfied customer. His shop is sheldonpewter or just search for chatelaine.


Now that I shared the manga I bought why not also the last DVDs and games I got. Yep I don’t only read manga and watch anime but also play videogames :)

Story time;

The DVDs.
I feel so ashamed of myself because it was from years I wanted to watch the movies of studio Ghibli but I never did! Because of several reasons, but I finally bought them and I already watched Arietty but I have to watch the howl’s moving castle yet. As I expected I loved so much Arietty and I’m sure I’ll love the other!

The Games.
I’m a big fan of Nintendo and I love playing with the DS’s games. I’ve always been a fan of Pokemon and Legend of Zelda is my favorite game of all the time.
My first zelda’s game was actually Majora mask for Nintendo 64 which I still remember, I’ve never been able to finish it!! I got stuck at one point and also it freaked me out as game, it was so scary but don’t ask me why, I can’t forget it and it has always been one of my favs. So you can understand how freaking excited I am that I can play the remake!!

Same for Pokemon alpha sapphire, I still have all the pokemon games since its first release, I also have the old Nintendo consoles, if you don’t trust me I’ll show you all of them ahaha
So of course, I played the first Alpha Sapphire! Same here, I’m hella excited to play it especially that the graphic has extraordinarily improved since the first pokemon game!

But sadly, I can’t play them now because I’m too busy with school, I’m dying for waiting my summer holiday ahaha


Get Intimate with a Plant’s Private Parts!

Don’t be fooled by their innocent exterior. Pretty soon there will be a whole lot of sex going on in your backyard garden. 


The stamen (pictured in the iPhone cases above) is the male, pollen-producing reproductive organ of a flower. Pollen of angiosperms must be transported to the stigma, the receptive female portion of a compatible flower, for successful pollination to occur.  


All images above © Science Source