My latest purchases from ebay arrived! I bought the two red fox skulls for crafting, and was surprised to find a rabbit skull had been included as well :)

Will scrub them all up shortly :) I intend to paint and craft the smaller red fox and the rabbit though I may keep the larger fox skull unpainted for my collection~

anonymous said:

So do you have to pay to read the Smut Peddler comics?

Yes and no.


Right now, Smut Peddler is only being released to its Kickstarter backers (one of the perks for pre-ordering), and later it will be for sale in PDF-form for anyone to buy, with physical copies likely being limited to appearing for purchase at conventions. Since I’m not the person in charge, I don’t have much more solid information than that at this time, I’m sorry. Rest assured, we’ll broadcast when and where Smut Peddler is available to buy as soon as it happens!*

In the meantime, I’m afraid you’ll just have to ask very nicely of someone who bought it to see theirs!


*And at some point way, way down the road, K and I can release our story as a standalone PDF for a small fee or as a reward to our Patreon patrons, as per our contract with the publisher. We really want to make our comics available to everyone in every way possible, but we can’t undermine our partners and colleagues! That’s just a dick move.

Crayon Pop's manga/comic book Volume. 1 Purchase Information



Release Date: July 31, 2014

Price: 12,000 won (roughly $11.70 USD)

Details: 130mm x 185mm / 13cm x 18.5cm, 184 pages

Online Purchase Link (Domestic): Coupang

Online Purchase Link (Overseas): Ebay

Photo Previews: