"Chris Pine, un purasangre de Hollywood" elpais.com

fame and paparazzi: "I laugh a lot of fame and I do not take it seriously. I do not like the paparazzi. But it’s part of the job. You can fight it or accept it provided that certain limits are not broken. Just trying to protect my privacy as much as I can "

In social media? Not interested: "I just like Instagram, because I love photography. But I spend so much time glued to the phone I can not imagine spending even more time to do other things."

It is hard to see his performances on screen:"I’m critical like everyone else. Not so much fun and it seems hard, but is certainly good to know what works and what does not. "

loving:  ”Breaking Bad and House of Cards”

and the pursuit of engaging a new series: “Game of Thrones, maybe”

In ten years of career, his personal and professional life has changed "tremendously", he says: "As an actor I’ve learned not to get much pressure, not to take things too seriously because there is a lot of things you can not control in this business. I have learned to enjoy. The more you do, the more you learn about yourself and the more you learn, the more you contribute to your work "

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After 19 years, I have the blessing to hold and hug my #bigbrother @DJALEKS #familylove #familytime #purasangre #lovinglife - Life is about family #breakfreetoday from #FamilyBS - My vision is to see my daughter surround all her family no matter what believe systems and ideologies we (adults) have - Living life at its highest purpose which is #BELOVE #BEBEAUTIFUL (at Chuck and Cheese)


El turf, conocido como hípica en algunos países de América Latina, es una especialidad dentro de los deportes ecuestres dedicada a las carreras de caballos. La cría, entrenamiento, y carreras de caballos es una gran actividad económica en diversos países. Una de las cosas que distingue el turf de otras actividades ecuestres son las apuestas en los caballos luceros purasangre. El turf moderno es un medio de mejorar la especie caballar así como un medio de diversión.