honeybeemon-deactivated20140131 said:

can you give a shout out to despaircraft (thats me) im trying to find players with hamachi and that are builders to help me build the sdr2 islands (use ask if you wanna sign up)

yo yo yo friends check it out! it’s gonna be a bit of an undertaking I bet but i believe in y’alls

reploids said:

Shadowmaru and Saejima

Saejima was half-heartedly doing his reports, keeping an eye on the sick mechdog curled up in the corner.  Shadowmaru had contracted some viral data on one of his hacking excursions, and was suffering from the effects.  Toudou had worked out the antivirus software, but it was causing an overheat in the sickly robot and he required supervision.  Saejima, working late, had invited Shadowmaru to his office.  He said it was for company.  In all honesty, the older policeman was terribly worried about his baby and found it imperative that Shadowmaru stay in his sight until he was deemed virus-free.  At some point in the evening, the shuddering mech had walked over to lay beside his guardian, head resting on the commissioner’s lap, optics begging for petting and reassurance.  Saejima calmly set aside his work and rubbed behind the canine’s ears, waiting until Shadowmaru fell into recharge.