Baron is a 5 month old German Shepherd puppy who just loves to work out! Watch how cute he is in this video doing lunges, push-ups (girly style) and high knees, well sort of, in a circle with his human. His mommy says that he is the best work out partner! I can see why, I wouldn’t mind having this cutie around during my work outs!


The first of multiple photosets for Anon from earlier today. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of River meeting our current dogs at the time, as they were all older and grouchy. So I just included a puppy photo of her. :]

When we adopted Charlie, they first met up at a Petco (where the shelter met with us), so the only photos I have for them is once we got home. So here’s one of puppy River, and some of River and Charlie’s first moments together once we got home. I’ll do separate photosets for everyone else. :]