So a few sketches I did of the dogblr dogs. Honestly, your dogs are so cute 😍
Also. I wanted to see if you guys would be okay with me drawing your puppies into a comic? I’ll tag you in the pages they appear:D it’s more of a summer project since I’m stacked up with homework right now, but today I was sick and wanted to sketch dogs.

So um.
huskyhuddle Balto and Noodle for you. Originally it was only Balto, but I love Noodle and she’s sick and sick dogs have a special place.
6woofs your Luka:D he’s and adorable dog!sorry for the strange position though
oliveramy Waaatson. Because Watson.
pixpup Your puppy is also here and being adorable. I don’t think I got her quite right, but I hope you like it.
There’s guidedogintraining new puppy Echo
And Kyleigh who belongs to kyleighandraeghan I was also going to draw the new kitten but it wasn’t coming out right.

Alsooo. If your part of dogblr/have a dog blog and would like your puppy to appear in the comic you are more than welcome to ask:D there’s nothing better than drawing dogs.


Through Instagram, Lady Gaga announced on the afternoon of Thursday (05/28), that Asia will soon launch a line of clothes and food for puppies and will star in a campaign for a major brand (apparently the Italian VOGUE)

@ladygaga: I stole Mommy’s cellphone and will be posting photos all day long. I HAVE A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  I love to eat while I sketch my ideas for the fashionable puppy line I’m starting!  I get hooked up with the finest in puppy products, so I really have a knack for what’s quality. My vision is to find creative & functional ways for pets and their owners to bond!  ORGANIC GRAIN-FREE LOCAL FARM INGREDIENTS are the best for our body and brain. That’s what I eat! That’s why I’m inspired to also create A Pet Food Line.

After a sunny morning looking out for ‘Bunnies & Truffles’, I love sniffing around the rose garden for the latest luxuries! Keep a look out for a special announcement. I’m the star of a new campaign for a major luxury fashion brand. You never know, I could grace the pages of Italian Vogue.

I love reading high fashion magazines and invisioning the clothes & accessories in dog sizes for my Pet Clothing Line. In the afternoon, I go for a ride. I have SKIN & FOOD ALLERGIES, 💁 so I’m an expert in the most PROTECTIVE, COMFY, & STYLISH FABRICS FOR DOGS. Sometimes even Mommy’s jealous of my l👀ks!