Two Weird Old Men! (And their puppets)

Me & Matt Chapman goofing around between takes for the credits tag in Sock Opera. For those of you that don’t know, Matt Chapman writes on Gravity Falls (Co-wrote “Into The Bunker” with me) and also makes a hell of a good McGucket puppeteer. (Oh, and he’s also Strong Bad, incidentally) 

Puppets by Puppet Extraordinaire Nicole Mitchell (Her blog: http://dearquatty.blogspot.com)

Motionless In White + Music Videos

"Just kill me. Also, satellite television." — the puppet boy

The 4 Most Horrifying Recent Commercials

#4. DirecTV: An Unseen God Physically Controls a Family

It’s hard to tell how far this implication reaches beyond the walls of the family’s home, but I’ve got some ideas:

1) The husband is being toyed with by a childish god. His life is like The Truman Show meets Team America. If this is the case, if this unseen god is messing with this guy for its own amusement, it’s doing a shitty job of it. …

2) We’re seeing a world long after everyone has gotten over the fact that a huge segment of the population had been taken over and controlled by an unseen master.

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