yurt hangs. the campground roped off a section of our site so vegetation can start to grow back since previous campers just walked right down the edge of the hill.

that stump was my bff for the weekend- made a great side table & footrest! & we continued to eat that giant 1$ zucchini we got at the farm stand. 

also, eleanor zissou was the perfect camping companion. we were so secluded that we let her off her leash, she walked around to explore the site, burying her bone all over the place, but for the most part she just stayed right with us. thankful for her! (truman burbank stayed home with a sick hayes. we weren’t sure about the wildlife in the area- we didn’t want to take any chances of him getting snatched up!)

the bottom two photos are of mount washington covered in a slight cloud. i can’t believe we got that view for $50/night.