I'm so nervous!

It’s been three years since I’ve last trained a pup and I’m so worried I will have lost my touch and that I am going to raise a monster and…. I’m just so stressed out about this baby! I just want him to grow up well balanced and happy and healthy…

literally the most amazing thing just happened to me

I was waiting for a light to change and I look two lanes over and a tiny dogge was just staring at me from the front seat of a car, ears perked and head tilted, looking super confused about my existence. I look away for one second and look back AND ANOTHER TINY IDENTICAL DOGGE HAS JOINED HIM and they’re both looking super interested at me and tilting their heads back and forth, as if trying to solve some puzzle

*wipes away a tear and grasps hands together* It may have been only a few seconds but those moments will remain eternal for me

Im actually convinced that that one post abt Tom Hardy actually being a dog who got turned into a human or smth like that is the actual truth bc have you seen this man with dogs???

have you???

i mean

look at this 

what is your secret

point is: Tom Hardy is actually a pup in disguise and its great