Lookit my Tiny Pink in her tiny Flak Vest and her tiny Hoodie and her itty-bitty combat boots and her holding her ickle-widdy microphone just like Uncle Dean and about to cut a pipebomb on why king-sized bars are the way to go and her steadfast insistence at wearing pink with all that black because god damnit she will be fucking fabulous even in post-apocalyptic baby chic.

Look at this ridiculously adorable thing I helped make goddamnit fuck wow I need to punch a wall now.

This photo was taken an hour ago and I’m still working. We have a big meeting tomorrow (in the middle of finishing all that stuff for the hospital I’ve been working on which has an Oct 31st deadline) so things are pretty hectic around here. I take my pups to work with me every day, & Eleanor Zissou told me she had enough when she sat on the binder I was making for our meeting! Thankfully I have dog food in my car so I gave them dinner, but now they’re just fed up. Hopefully calling it a day soon! Especially since I still need to shower, paint my nails, pick out an outfit, clean the house for our annual Halloween party tomorrow night, & drink all the drinks!