Disney leading ladies and their icons


MERICCUP AU GIFS :: Hiccup has a kinda obvious crush on Merida.

"I’m just saying, you never let anyone pilot Toothless.”

"He’s grown on her…"

"He’s not the only one."


I have been asked to post all my chibi-mori-princesses together, so here they are ! This way It may be more easy to guess who is who and to compare them, I guess. And currently I’m working on a another little animated image, sorta-Alice in Wonderland-themed :3


19 AUS FOR JUSTINE :: Leorai Dialogue (TMNT) [1/19]

"Don’t tell me the goody two-shoes thing doesn’t wear thin after a while."
"Better than the alternative."
"Which is what? To have fun? To cut loose? To live your own life?"