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Punky Brewster vol. 1 is currently available for pre-order, so here’s a preview!

The beloved TV series returns in this heartwarming, lushly illustrated story of a brand new family made from persistence, pluck, and Punky Power !Punky Brewster, a bright eight-year-old girl, has been abandoned by her mother and lives on the streets of Chicago with her puppy sidekick Brandon. Punky thinks she doesn’t need help, but after getting picked up by the police she enters a foster home and starts to search for a family.

Written by Joelle Sellner, drawn by Lesley Vamos.

lizzieraindrops asked:

Prompt: What's Cosima thinking the first time Sarah calls her Cos in canon?

It’s short, it’s… sisterly, it’s almost affectionate, and, coming from Sarah, it feels like it could be enough to knock her over if she wasn’t already annoyed and sitting on her bed in the middle of a very stereotypical sibling fight.

She hangs up and throws her phone down on the mattress, muttering a quiet, “Bitch,” and knowing that, pet-name or no, Sarah wasn’t going to influence her decisions; Sarah’s already screwed up enough - surely she can’t do any worse.

And then there’s a knock at the door; from her lips a single word is drawn as she scrambles to find something to wear: “Shit.”

Minific Monday!

thefullmetalelric asked:

Heyyyy write me some of that one RoyEd ship I can't remember the name of where they live together

[Of course you read my tags~]

Roy is happy for Ed when his finals are done, and he finds himself with his chin propped in his hand, watching Ed nap on the couch to the sound of How It’s Made while Roy is grading tests. He certainly didn’t mind grounding him when his stress got too high, clearing his head by making it impossible to think as evidenced by fading bite-shaped bruises littered over golden skin, but it was worrying to see just how stressed Ed got. At least now, he could rest, and whenever he got up, Roy would let him cash in on that promise of Chipotle and a movie tonight.

cloneinstitute asked:

prompt: Cosima celebrating "May the 4th be with you" day :)

“Seriously, Cos, enough is enough, yeah?” Sarah said as Cosima dangled a jedi costume in front of her, “I already watched three of these bloody films with you.”

“You promised!” Cosima said, adjusting her Princess Leia bun as she tossed the costume next to Sarah, “we only have to go to Scott’s party for like an hour and then you can totally forget everything about Star Wars.” Sarah rolled her eyes and grabbed the costume, leaving the room with a groan as Cosima whispered under her breath, “until next year.”

May the 4th minifics :D

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I see you there, catching up with the Barista AU. Having fun? ;)

Do you think this is funny Laura. Is this a game to you.

Everyone go read the fic that made me ship punky monkey! But like only if you’re willing to lose an hour or two, and to have your heart stepped on and then picked up and then broken and then sealed up with coffee creamer and then… you get the idea.


FOTD: Christina (lastlips)

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