I inherited a Pentax K20. Yay. I have no idea how to use a DSLR, but I fiddled around with the controls and tested it on my dinner.

Artery-fest: Steamed broccoli with cream cheese, mashed and buttered potatoes, tenderloin  breaded pork chops marinated in garlic.


Photos I shot last Sunday. The fence and Ipil-Ipil tree were just outside my church, shot during that magical time at dusk where everything seems post-processed in real life.

The first photo was shot on a cab ride home. The Filipino Driver’s habit of putting a rosary on his rearview mirror is a long-lasting one, and speaks volumes about our culture. I’ve always been fascinated by it.

Monster From The Deep

Experimented with bokeh-ing an emergency lamp and a candle in the background, and lighting my favorite subject Mr. Grumpy with a regular desk lamp. Didn’t know if I could make something cool with no pin lights and a kit 18-55mm but hey, I can always say I have no idea what I’m doing cos i'z a n00b!

Here’s my setup:

I’ve had this Pentax K20 for a couple of weeks now and this is the first time I used it to take a self-portrait. I dunno, I’m finding it hard to wield a big camera and it feels unnatural to point it at myself. Like I’m intruding on my own privacy.

Something like that. Anyway, I took some today, just to see if I could get something halfway decent. All my pics are at that ¾ profile angle because I’m fat and I don’t like my arms but I can’t stop eating bacon, k.

I’m being all ghetto for the moment and using the timer because the remote I ordered on ebay hasn’t arrived yet.