Cerulean hues gazed at the familiar face of the young woman. With eyes slightly widened, the rosette couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Fang and Vanille had been encased in crystal stasis, so she couldn’t see how one would wake up during her time. Well, during the last thirteen day of survival. She was now a liberator. No longer believing in Etro’s words. It wasn’t much of a revenge for what the Goddess had done to her. It was simply because there was nothing else to trust, when she had learned all too much.

With one foot being lifted and placed after the other, she carefully made her way over to where the other woman would stand. Even with her sleeping for a thousand years, she would still remember that face, and that hairstyle anywhere. Yes, she admitted that she missed her dear friend. After all, they had once shared a life –though how short it was– together. The other had at least saved the world, even though it had left a void where chaos would be able to seep through and damage it.

So–you’ve finally awaken..”

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I don't remember if it was my turn to reply to our old thread or not, but we should definitely role play again. :|

ooc; I can send the link if you’d like to continue our thread. Either way, I’d love to interact with your Fang again, yesss. c: