As you were exploring the character, did you think he was going down this road solely with the intent of capturing Hannibal? Or was there a part of him sort of dreaming of running away with Dr. Lecter, too?
I think absolutely both. Both can coexist — and part of the quality of Bryan’s writing is that he kept both those plates spinning right up until the bitter end. By the time we get to the penultimate episode and everything is falling into place, and we’re watching Mason eat his own face, we’re also gearing up for some kind of showdown. And there is no conceivable outcome that’s going to be uniquely satisfying for Will. He’s gone past the point that just apprehending Hannibal is going to draw a line under everything for him, because he’s opened up too big a can of worms in his own psyche. Equally, he’s never just going to pull out a gun and shoot Hannibal. They moved past that point. But the idea of running off over the horizon with Hannibal for some kind of glorious Mediterranean serial-killing retreat is also… clearly there’s more to Will than that as well. He’s created a situation for himself that can only be, at best, half fulfilling and obviously it turns out to be far worse than that

jokerofpurpleandgreen said:

"You know I love you but you'll be better off on your own", he said to his Jervis before he pulled out his bang gun and aimed it at his head about to pull the trigger. (I combined two I hope you don't mind).

Jervis frowned and looked at Jack with hurt in his eyes before Jack pulled out a gun. The Hatter immediately began to cry. “No no no no no.” Jervis quickly grabbed the gun and moved it so it was pointed at his head and not Jack’s. He couldn’t lose him. If Jack left him Jervis was going to do this anyway. He couldn’t live without Jack. He couldn’t be abandoned again.

lucidrush said:

5 Sentence Drabble - SoMa Foreign

It wasn’t meant to end like that; they were meant to make it back home, not trapped in a country they barely knew.

Soul watched as the man pulled a gun to Maka’s head, pressing the silver thing to her forehead.

He should say something; why wasn’t he saying anything?

Looking over toward Maka, he saw the tears rolling down her cheeks as she knew what her fate would be, and glanced over toward him.

The last thing he heard before the gunshot was her tearful ‘I love you’, and her body became limp.


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I used to dream about bad boys
when I was a little girl
Ones that would pull out
their gun and shoot me down
and the bullets would go right through and they would kiss me
with their fists and I would laugh
with a mouthful of blood
Now I dream about good boys
Ones that are scared to put their hands on me and blush when I wear short skirts
and tell me that Jesus saves and they taste too sweet and I cry
because I will hurt them
I’ve always fought between
being milk and sugar
or booze and poison
but I hope you choke
on me either way

I’m sitting here watching Razgovor and Carter’s in the bar with Laskey. Before Jerry the bar owner could even reach for his shot gun to kill her, she pulled out her gun and shot him in the chest. Then she turns around before Laskey can reach for his own firearm.  

How then is it that when Simmons approached her and Reese on the curb DID SHE NOT REACH FOR HER GUN UNTIL AFTER REESE WAS SHOT TWICE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!!??!?!? Is this the same damn woman?