You love her coz she’s dead and skins= win.

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Exit Verse - BTR Live Studio [ep385]

Exit Verse is the latest project featuring the songwriting of legendary singer/guitarist Geoff Farina (Karate, Secret Stars, Glorytellers). Here, Farina ventures into far rockier territory than his recent projects, belting out anthemic choruses over catchy rock tunes strong enough to conjure up 90s flashbacks for those of us who were there. The live band also includes bassist Pete Croke (Brokeback, Tight Phantoms) and drummer Chris Dye (Speck Mountain, Chin Up Chin Up), who brought the songs to life with some serious intensity for this session at Saltlands, guest hosted by BTR’s DJ Latola.

Featured song: “Pull Out The Nails”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist: http://b-t-r.co/1JuoVRZ

Exit Verse’s self-titled LP is available from Ernest Jenning Record Co.

Facebook: http://facebook.com/ExitVerse
Twitter: @exitverse

I once dropped a stone on my pinkie as a kid. Later the nail fell off. Now my pinkie nails start at slightly different places. I don’t remember which nail it was, but since the right one is set further back it’s probably that one. Right now I’m growing out the right pinkie nail it’s supposed to symbolize someone of great wealth and intelligence in China if the nail passes the first digit (closest to the tip of the finger). I asked some of my Chinese friends and they said they’ve heard of it, but don’t believe it. That’s fine I’m really doing to mark how long my nails would have been if my left pinkie’s nail didn’t chip so I had to cut them all. How the Hell am I going to wait that long to get Vivion claws?!


Painting His Nails ; Calum Hood

Request: can you do a calum imagine where he falls asleep with his arm around you so you paint his nails

Word Count: 235

It was days like these were Calum would come home exhausted and wanted nothing but sleep. Usually, he would just go straight to bed but he insisted on staying up with you for a while. You were painting your nails when Calum draped his arm around you, pulling you closer and resting his head on your shoulder. “Good night.” He mumbles with a slight giggle covered by a yawn. You turn your head to kiss his forehead and it wasn’t long till he fell asleep. Being bored and done painting your nails, you decided to experiment. You had wondered what Calum would do if you painted his nails. Slightly leaning over to a bag, you pull out a hot pink nail polish and carefully untwist the cap. You giggled quietly before applying the Nail polish onto his nails.

•The next day•

“What the fuck y/n!” You hear Calum yell from downstairs where you had left him last night. You laughed, before stumbling down the stairs and to your lovely boyfriend. “What did I do?” You ask innocently and he scoffs. “what didn’t you do y/n?” He jokes, waving his hand I your face. “My nails aren’t supposed to be pink!” He yelled.

“That’s what you get for falling asleep on me with nail polish in my hands.” You simply say, before turning on your heels and walking away. “This is war!” He shouts.

For the askbox game - I hope I’m not too late! This is such a fun idea!

Two words. Let’s see… Sam and Jeep (because of course I have to).

K/ here’s what I think/ there’s a jeep out back at Bobby’s/ it’s a little rusted out but it works just fine/ he bought it for parts but somehow he never gets around to junking it/ maybe that’s because/ whenever the boys come by for a few days/ Sam says hey Bobby that jeep still ticking?/ and drives two towns over to hang out with you/ a few years back he saved you from a wraith/ since then you’ve been trying to figure things out/ how to live in a world with monsters/ but every few months Sam comes by in the jeep/ you play cards or go for beers/ once when it was hot you went and swam in the river/ it doesn’t take the monsters back out of the world/ but if the knowledge of monsters is the price of kind hunters/ maybe that’s ok/

F2F|| Breathe Easy|| KARLEY

Briskly walking from her last lesson of the day, her glare was a secure mask on her face, as she made sure the now ‘sport based’ high school students knew that the Cheerios were still boss.  Rolling up to the lockers, she leaned back onto Marley’s, waiting for the other girl to turn up. She was glad that she didn’t have to go through this madness alone, the diet of kale in the cafeteria was even getting to her.  Pulling out her nail file she waited patiently for Marley.  

Randomly starts a RP with Nuka

Ooc: So I was sitting in the office thinking about stuff when I realized that I want an origin story from how Vivi and Nuka met. And what better way than with a role play. Soooo …. START!

-Vivienne was sitting out in the alley way a few blocks from her apartment. She took in a deep breath of the crisp night air and looked up at the sky. It kind of sucked living in the city because of the stars you couldn’t see. She pulled out her pack of cigarettes, her long black painted nails glinted a bit in the yellow street light. She flicked her lighter and her face was illuminated for a moment as she lit the end of her cigarette. She sat in thought for a while as the smoke entered and escaped her lungs. She had a bad habit
… One that she wanted no one knowing about. She loved dumpster diving. Not just dumpsters … Any sort of trash. Call it instinct or whatever you wanted to. There was just something fascinating to her about seeing what other people’s trash was. What did they no longer want? Was it anything that could be considered another person’s treasure?? Her golden eyes darted over to the dumpster a few feet away from her. She put her cigarette out on the wall of the building as she exhaled the toxic smoke heavily. She didn’t like doing it. It wasn’t something she was proud of. But curiousity had gotten the better of her when she saw some one was moving out of the building early that day. She hoisted herself up and leaned against the wall seriously considering if she wanted to or not;

“Ok … Ok … No one is around. It should be easy enough to do this incognito … Lets go!”


i am always fur faced
my fine hairs black as the night
striking against my brown skin.
these yt grrrrls with their
blue green pink armpit hair
with their revolution of no bra no razor gelled baby hair
don’t know what it’s like to be called
monkey ugly comb ur hair down
don’t know what it’s like: 7 with scissors over the living room trash can chopped baby hairs still growing back at 19
11 years old and saying mama wax my eyebrows
they’re saying mean things
they’re staring
mama i can’t wear shorts
mama i can’t play in the sun
im already too brown
mama heat up the sugar
stretch it on my skin and pull out
my shame
mama I cut my upper lip with dads razor again
and my side burns are too long
i try and grip them pull them out with my little nails
mama im 13 and i have hair
[down. there.]
and i told my yt best friend
and she screamed with laughter.
i keep my arms bent
my elbows are too brown at the joints
i’ve tried scrubbing them
with your hard loofahs
but all they’ve done is bleed
mama i’m 15 and i keep a bottle of fairness cream
on my bedside table.
undeveloped but with big dreams
of nose job full body laser hair treatments to tease out and pull down
my unruly curls (no longer curls
like they were from my childhood but
wavy now.
i think my self hatred
made that happen.)
they don’t understand the name you gave me
so i picked a new one (tina)
and i told all the yt boys we’re not muslim
because i want them to like me
but my hair is still too frizzy
and i can’t find a shade of concealer
light enough for me
to look pretty
and pretty is being as white as can be

but mama mama
why is it that now
they’re trying to be me?

—  mama they still don’t like me by tala e.