For me, painting is like a collision of concepts as much as it is a combination of skill and material. It is where the creatively abstract and intellectually complex concepts of translation, illusion, allusion, and transformation find a nexus. I crossbreed different genres, eras, and conventions of painting into phantasmagorical anti-epics. I see my work as a kind of cultural aesthetic gumbo poured into its own reality, which is dedicated to honor the creative process.

I love to make playful paintings - heartfelt yet irrational. They are like romantic absurdities or well-spoken riddles with no answer - anti-narratives.

The more I explore, the more connections I find. In the end, what keeps me painting is the idea that so much of a legacy and so many opportunities can exist in the tiny space between a brush tip loaded with paint and the surface with which it is meant to connect.

—  Artist, Michael Pukac

Michael Pukac working