–––– ❝ Soramaru, you said not to leave you behind… But as you get stronger each day, the day will come when you don’t need me anymore. You’ll let go of this hand, grow bigger, and go far away… The one who’ll be left behind… is me.❞


Let me tell you something interesting about the pastry Claude serves Alois in the episode “Deathly Butler” of Kuroshitsuji II.

Puits d’amour is a French pastry served for dessert or tea time that literally translates to “well of love.” When the recipe was first published by Vincent de la Chapelle in his 1735 cookbook Le cuisinier moderne (tr: The modern cook), the pastry caused quite a scandal. King Louis XV served these pastries, claiming that they represented the real “puits d’amour” (read: vagina) due to the appearance of the food: a hollow pastry filled with red fruit jelly. This erotic subtext caused a variant with crème pâtissière to become more popular (and acceptable).

What is interesting is that Claude is serving Alois the original version of this dish, accompanied with all of the erotic subtext. If you ask me, I think he is secretly delighting in spooning pastry vagina into Alois’ mouth.

Holy well of Tara (a.k.a. Saint Patrick’s well or King Cormac’s well), county Meath, Ireland.

Saint Patrick lived during the 5th c.

King Corman lived during the 4th c. (some sources say it was earlier). Here is a quote about him:

"absolutely the best king that ever reigned in Ireland before himself…wise learned, valiant and mild, not given causelessly to be bloody as many of his ancestors were, he reigned majestically and magnificently".