seaweedhoe said:

My budgie seems to be sick. She was fine yesterday, but today all she has done is sleep with her feathers all puffy. She has eaten a little, bit I'm worried. Should I wait a few days and then maybe bring her to the vet?

Take her to the vet as soon as you can.

Even if she is not sick it is always best to get a bird to medical help asap.  They can hide even the most vicious of illnesses and by the time they start showing symptoms the illness can be very far along.  

While prepping for an appointment try to think of things that may have changed, temperature, environment, diet, this way when you get to the vet it can help them narrow down what could possibly be going on.

Your bird might very well be fine but a loss of appetite, puffing, and lack of energy are usually pretty good precursors to illness.

- Courtney

Movies with a friend || Liam and Harry

Liam was feeling really down and after a few hours of listening to Adele he figured he’d leave his dressing room to go watch a movie with his mate. He got to where Harry was and knocked on the door walking in laying in bed next to him hoping he didn’t see the redness or puffyness in his eyes. “What movie are we watching?” He asked.