posting this (possibly again?) because i love it so much

this was part of a trade with reachling; i wrote her fic in exchange for rodimus acting like bender from ‘the breakfast club’, who is played by judd nelson, who voiced movie!rodimus and tfa!rodimus.

i love it so much.

god it’s hard to say, but this may be my favorite pic of lundi’s. because i love it so much.

rodimus’s expression i just

It’s like they [17th century, etc. arists] couldn’t draw anatomy like before Leonardo DiCaprio—NO I MEANT DA VINCI NO DA VINCI I MEANT DA VINCI /SOBBING/
—  puffintalk

reachling said:

what's been your love history so far?


It’s actually not that scandalous, haha. UM. I dated a boy, then I dated a girl, then there was this boy who thought we were dating and would get mad when I didn’t want him to come over every day, and there was this other boy who told people we dated when we never did, then there was this boy who I thought I was dating but it turned out he didn’t think so. But in all these cases, there was nothing x-rated or anything. I was an innocent flower.

Then I met my boyfriend when I was 18 and we have been together since. That’s all, TA DA.

Unless you mean sex history, which is, I was a virgin and then I met my boyfriend, and we dated for a while, and then I wasn’t anymore. TA DA.

reachling said:

helloooo there, this is your seeecret valentines wishing you a happy valentines day! puffintalk(.)tumblr(.)com(/)post(/)17603699738(/)and-my-second-seeecret-valentines-exchange



Scanned it! This is a drawing by puffintalk, which she sent with my awesome gift. It’s my OC, Alecto, about to eat her favorite meal: babies. As I’ve built Alecto up, I don’t think she’d ever eat anything, especially human, but I want to keep this quality of hers, lol. Anyway, my mom hadn’t noticed - or maybe she did, but didn’t give a fuck or bother asking, knowing me.

It’s so beautiful, isn’t it? When people draw my OCs, it’s the greatest thing. I am so honored to have such wonderful friends. ;w; Thank you so so so much.

Puffintalk tagged me to post 10 facts:

Ok lol this is a long and very lame, borderline rant? post.

  1. When I tell some people I’m from Bosnia or that I am Bosnian, they kinda tilt their heads and say: “Oh, but your hair’s blond…”
  2. When I’m visiting family in Bosnia, I get compliments for speaking Bosnian very well and when I’m in Croatia, I’m told I speak Croatian very well. - I don’t change my speech at all at either place. Note: Serbo-Croatian-Bosnian is basically the same shit just with variations/accents here and there.
  3. I tend to listen to Rammstein or hard electronica to soothe myself and block people out when I get too distracted, especially at school.
  4. I dislike Circuses with animals. I even when I was very young. The acrobats great, but I can’t stand watching animals do weird tricks for people and dont get me started on how I feel about the environments they live in.
  5. My first animu crush was Matt/Yamato Ishida from Digimon. :’D
  6. I still sometimes get into a funk over Seishirou and Subaru. It’s like something that happens once-twice a year for me. YES I AM THAT MUCH OF A SOP. ALSO FUCK YOU CLAMP FOR STOMPING ON MY HEART.
  7. I admire ero-guro artists for not giving a shit and their natural inclination to troll provoke with their art.
  8. I admire indie comic artists who are efficient, more than the details/beauty of their work. People like HamletMachine, Tessa Stone and the two lovely ladies who work on Teahouse (the list can go on forever) are high on my list because they give a shit about working no matter what and don’t seem to give a shit about their shortcomings. And it pains me when people call them bad artists/storytellers for small things when it’s part of the whole experience.
  9. I notice if artists don’t draw feet as well compared to the rest of the body. I fucking love Jimmy Cheung, but he often draws the most adorable, girly feet/shoes on his guys (especially when they’re in costume). Just look at Billy’s. But i digress.
  10. I am not religious and don’t believe in any sort of deity.