Newsea Titanium converted for Sims 2.

it has a little transparency issue at the front layer hair , which I can’t fix it since ts3 to ts2 meshes are not separated in groups, sorry~. However, it still looks really good in my game. Also, I added one new hair color called Essence for re-alpha version. 

  • Works for All Ages
  • Custom Grey for Elder
  • Custom Red in io’s Bastet color
  • Available in original version and Re-alpha version
  • Texture by Pooklet
  • Colors by Pooklet, Io’s, and mine.
  • Polycounts is about 13k

hope you like it ^^


Clothing by Sacha Fierce at sims-fashion-empire , martinimyb , and @alexmanuel-sims


My first follower gifts for you :)

Part 1 Alesso’s HourGlass hair 3t2, works for all ages, available in pooklet + io’s color

Part 2 Canon Camera 3t2 accessory, original mesh by @erschsims for child to elder, this was requested by myxeint , who had birthday last week, happy belated bday~

Part 3 two casual clothes with different tops, mesh by Alisa with trinity’s shoes re-alpha is included, I also converted one of erschsims earrings, thank you for your permission <3

Follower Gift Part I

Follower Gift Part II

Follower Gift Part III

Happy Downloading and thank you for following♥~


Here we go =))

All Ages, Binned, and familified. 

available in pooklet’s colors, io’s colors, my colors, and mail bomb for elder.

credits : Newsea, Skysims, B-Flysims, pooklet and io.

newsea’s and B-fly’s mesh fixed by martini included.

models :  Natalie(black hair) by Areensims at B-Fly pic, Narissa (red hair) by myxeint at Skysims 142 pic, Leah (brown hair) by myxeint at newsea Morgan pic, the rest is by me.

all mesh included

Download Newsea MORGAN hair Retextures

Download Newsea REBECCA hair Retextures

Download Newsea BORN TO DIE hair Retextures

Download Newsea HIDEOUT hair Retextures

Download Newsea NIKITA hair Retextures

Download Skysims 138 hair Retextures

Download Skysims 142 hair Retextures

Download B-Fly 89 hair Retextures

Download ALL (Mediafire link)