There was a lot of stuff about sex, consent, and the lack of it, and promiscuity (and the lack there of) all over that episode. Like, from a bunch of angles, including:

Kurt being non-consensual tied up and tricked into making out with a guy.

All the girls want to be the virgin! Except Kitty, who says feels she’s closer to Mary Magdelene, and we know her history.

Santana said a toy a kid wanted sounded “molesty”. Also she was roofied at Lilith Fair? I mean, hopefully that didn’t mean sexual assault, but that’s certainly what it implies, unless I’m missing something?

Becky wants to force people to make out with her. Sam thinks she needs to be treated for sex addiction.

I am pretty sure there’s more, too, throughout it.


Ahora que varios van a entrar a la universidad les digo lo siguente:

  • No por estudiar en la Universidad de Chile serás el mejor abogado.
  • No por estudiar en la Universidad de las Américas vas a ser una mierda.
  • No por estudiar en la Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María serás el mejor ingeniero.
  • No por estudiar en INACAP vas a ser un perdedor.

Si, unas cuentan con más recursos que otras, pero solo depende de ti si quieres ser alguien, no de la universidad.