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How to get a (manga) publisher ~Basic tips~  

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Independent Presses on Tumblr

This list is a collection of independent publishers who consistently use tumblr. All members on this list have updated their tumblr at least once in the past three months. This list has not scanned for quality or whether they are currently accepting submissions. 


  6. (Wales)
  8. (erotica, mainly)
  12.  (teen fiction only)
  16. (prefers books with film merit)





*For updates on this collection of publishers go to Kaylapocaypse for the updated version of this list.If you would like your independent press to be added to the list contact Kayla at

Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast is finally official! 

Noah Siegel and I signed our contract with Ten Speed Press yesterday, and it’ll be on shelves in 2016. Fully illustrated guide to 750 species of mushrooms found along the coast from Central California to Oregon (but many species occur further south and north into the Pacific Northwest).

Please visit the page here to follow our updates on the project!

Special Guest Announcement

If you’re a writer, if you’re interested in getting published but aren’t sure where to start or what the legal issues are, then you’re going to love our newest guest!

McWood Publishing will be joining us at DestielCon! 

McWood deals more with authors and less with agents, so they are a great resource for the budding author. They accept any type of manuscript. You can read more about them on their website.

They will be at the Con to share information on how to get published, the do’s and don’t’s, and mistakes authors commonly make when self-publishing. They are even excited about discussing fanfiction and turning that into a published work!

They will also be bringing an editor and a marketing rep, so if you are interested in pursuing a similar line of work, or simply want to ask them questions, this is a great opportunity to do so.

They are very excited to be joining us, and we are very excited to have them!

~~Register for DestielCon~~

Louis Reith of JORDSKRED publications recommends BRENT WADDEN and his documentary FOLK ART FOUND ME.

Brent Wadden is by far my most favourite artist of all time. I met him for the first time in the summer of 2009 at a group exhibition in Antwerp (BE) we both participated in. Ever since then I follow everything he does. I really hope to work with him one day to do a project for Jordskred. He’s an amazing guy with a great point of view on art. Brent also introduced me to an amazing documentary that I still watch from time to time; Folk Art Found Me.”

On the pic. I’m Ghost, a printed portfolio by Merijn Hos, 2013
300 x 400 mm, 12 riso printed posters in a hand made and screen printed folder. Edition of 35 copies, signed and numbered by the artist, published by Jordskred.

Fanfiction and copyright

I’ve spoken to other published authors before who have frequently told me that publishers look very poorly upon fanfiction and — in some cases — will force their authors to take legal action against fanfiction writers for copyright infringement. One of my favorite authors specifically says on his website to send along fanart, but don’t show him any fanfiction, because he’s not allowed to look at it and his publishers consider it infringement.

With my own publishing contract, I wanted to make sure that any fans I might gain for my book would be free to create and share alike fanart and fanfiction that they made. At first the publisher was a little uncertain about it (fine with fanart but not too thrilled with fanfiction, as tends to be the case with publishers), but after consulting their lawyers and listening to my requests, they added to my contract regarding copyright infringement and legal action against infringers that fans would be considered safe and uninfringing as long as they aren’t commercializing their work related to my book.

Basically, if I hadn’t said anything, anyone writing fanfiction about my characters would have been infringing the publisher’s rights and open to legal action, even if they weren’t selling or charging money for it. But now that the contract is changed, that’s gone.

All in all, a win.

I wish more authors would speak up about this!

ROW80 Update

So far, so good! I’m hitting all my goals, again, even if sometimes it’s just more like a mild graze than a solid hit. It’s still contact, it’s still progress!

  1. Read fiction every day: I finished the zombie P.I. book I was reading (really enjoyed it!), and started something else last night. Unfortunately, I can’t even remember what it was, so it must have been really memorable. That, or I was just…

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