“Don’t wanna call you in the nighttime
Don’t wanna give you all my pieces
Don’t wanna hand you all my trouble
Don’t wanna give you all my demons
You’ll have to watch me struggle
From several rooms away
But tonight I’ll need you to stay.”

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Aww please don't cry! It's just so unfair. You don't deserve all this hate.

I dunno where it comes from to be completely honest. that’s what is so annoying bout it… i love all my followers. i know EVERYONE says that but i really really do. I tell my followers and the people i love how truly wonderful they are. those statements are not lies! why would i waste my time lying to anyone?? i dont understand…

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I had a dream that Obama was coming to Franklin to meet me and it was on the same day as your prom and you were in your prom dress and I was running around looking for Obama and you came up to me and said ANNIE YOURE GOING TO PROM and then you DRAGGED ME TO PROM and the whole time I was just screaming about Obama AND I DIDNT GET TO MEET HIM BECAUSE OF YOU. fnaklnkalklj

asdfghjhgfdswfghtg omg. I’m sorry Annie HOW COULD I HAVE COMMITTED SUCH A HEINOUS CRIME. I promise I won’t make you go to prom with me if Obama is ever on town okay. Pinkie swear.don’t hate me asdfgf.

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That post about Paypal is actually false. There's no way they could take copyright over any image that's not uploaded directly to their website-- their policy refers to the use of images uploaded to their site, like avatars/profile pictures. Big Scary Paypal isn't going to come after anybody's art commissions. It just gives them permission to host whatever images you upload straight to the site. ^^

Ah, okay, thank you for letting me know that. ovo

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"[exp] just used 2/3 of their name" lmao, you can still get sued for that, but this tag made my day

really? to me its like givenchy and giyongchy, very similiar but not alike :) i didnt knew that tbh, its my fault then

well, i guess i amused many people today. i saw my own post like 527328 times with funny tags on my own dash :D 
im glad that i entertained you as well!

The most important thing about this narrative is that it internalizes a technolibertarian idea about labor: namely that it doesn’t matter in the digital economy. Few people understand the amount of work that goes into making a book a book—not just the rounds of edits and copyedits, but the packaging, marketing, and publicizing—and that ignorance is particularly well-suited to an ideology that doesn’t give a fuck about work. The promise of digital is to make products available instantaneously at very low costs and that’s a promise that publishing—which requires an enormous amount of labor—isn’t particularly well-suited to meet. Books cost what they do in large part because people make them and devaluing that labor—no matter what you think about “elasticity”—is a mistake.
Jareth and gender expression, redux

Oh! P.S. to my submission to you yesterday – another fic everyone should read:

Ellen Weaver’s “Exile from the Labyrinth: the Lament Configuration.” A male character has an obsessive sexual interest in Jareth.

Warning: it’s violent, mature, and scary. If you like Hellraiser and Stephen King, it’s right up your alley. This is one of those well-written fics you could mistake for a published horror novel.

Sick of getting corrected for tiny grammatical mistakes? Turns out you may not be a forgetful person after all. According to a cognitive psychologist at the University of Wisconsin, our brains have a tendency to fall into bad grammatical habits, even when we know the rules we’re trying to follow. In The Washington Post, Andrew Heisel investigates. You could also read Fiona Maazel on the specter of commercial grammar.

Bastila sighed and walked into the room fully,



So about that post...

So about that post - thank you to everyone who liked and reblogged it (especially natbucky! :D) even though they had no idea what it might be, but the posting was a mistake and I’ve deleted it for the meant time. Sometimes when I’m super excited about a fic I make the accompanying graphic first, and this morning I was trying to decide whether I should use the 540px/500px layout against the four 268px/250px layout and I was uploading stuff to see what they’d look like. I guess I made a mistake somewhere and ended up publishing one of the layouts I was test-uploading and didn’t notice until tonight.

But yeah, I am currently trying to write a Klaroline!Kings AU, where Klaus and Jack Benjamin (played by Sebastian Stan) were raised as brothers who always have each others’ backs. Jack is the crown prince, and Klaus is an orphan who was adopted by the royal family. They meet Caroline who they both end up liking, but she has secrets that might threaten the rule of the King, testing the bonds between Jack, Klaus and their Dad, and even her relationship with her ‘brother’ Damon.

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Forgiveness my english mistakes, I'm brazilian and watched fast and furious 7 at the end of last week, and that ending... Just mades me cry like a little girl. So, thank you, thank you very much for keep this tumblr on air. I know I not met Paul Walker, but it means a lot to me. Coming here brings me peace. ❤️ "Ride in Paradise." - #RIPPaul

Hearing it brings you some peace is the best thing to hear, truly. I’m glad my blog can give that to you. ❤️

Role Models, Life and Learning experiences

I remember the time when I told Matty how lucky and blessed I am to be with such an amazing and beautiful person and he turned around to say that he is equally blessed with being with such an amazing and beautiful me and that I made everything better when I came into his life. Beautiful people exist but they start from the inside and create magic all around them.

 I knew the perfect person for me had to be someone that let me be me no matter how different I was. They’d spend more time understanding me as a person and not try to convince me that my views, ideas, or beliefs are wrong. They’d support my dreams and make me want to be better. And that’s the type of person we all need.

 I am truly happy to share my life with such an amazing person. And this Saturday is going to be an amazing time for both of us.

 I also realize that some people will always find a way to put themselves in your story, whether it be a character, an idea or situation. They only thrive on the idea that they somehow had in fact inspired you to write or they will try to convince you why you should just give it up. 

  I tend to think about times when I was younger and think back to those who I’ve once looked up to and how devastated it made me feel when I realized those people weren’t who I thought they were. I realized that I only knew a tiny facet of that person which in the end became only an illusion. And that then tends to over shadow the feelings we once had for this person we thought had all the answers. We’ve all had these moments. And we all felt this pain, a disappointingly kind of pain when our expectations aren’t met.  

 Perhaps they made a mistake. Perhaps they weren’t willing to listen to a problem you needed to tell or the advice they tried to give was not what you had in mind. Perhaps a person we thought was cool in school made us realize that we could never be cool enough to be friends with them or maybe they lied and led you on to make you think they cared.

And we’d think to ourselves why did I look up this person or people in the first place?

 Maybe we loved a celebrity only to turn away from them when the spotlight dimmed and it revealed a side of them that didn’t make them seem so glamorous. And you ask yourself why did I ever look up to this person in the first place?

 When it comes to these moments, we think only of ourselves and forget about the people we built up to be proven wrong or knocked off their pedestals. 

 We have the tendency to build heroes only to knock them down when their expectations don’t meet ours. We don’t see the imperfections they could have; only what appears on the outside and when that armor is cracked even just a tiny bit, our illusion becomes shattered into bits. We know it is wrong to idealize any human, because all humans do and will make mistakes. And some of those mistakes no matter how good a person they are can follow them for life especially by those who will constantly define them by these mistakes.

 This made me realize years later, how important it is to understand what is wrong with this way of thinking and work with ways of changing it.  

 I always thought what it would be like to be famous one day or to be perceived as a role model by millions of people and I thought about what I would say. I would probably start off with this: “The truth is I don’t have the answers, I only have my experiences in which I feel obligated to share and I believe that we are all important and our lives shed impact around everyone around us. We can cause chain reactions big or small, good or bad. It’s up to us which to choose. The best we can do for ourselves and for others is to stand by our beliefs, appreciate people for who they are, and offer them help when they need it.

And remember, the most important thing you could ever do for yourself: is to never let anyone talk you out of your dreams no matter how big or small they just may be.

Don’t allow anyone’s faulty view of you or your dreams get you down.  Instead use it as a learning experience. Let it teach you how to be a better person. Show them that life is about working, trying and putting in an effort into reaching goals and dreams. If they put the same amount of energy in creating and editing their own story, in the end they just might have a few of their own best sellers. Never give up on your dreams and always believe in yourself.

We can learn from all people by taking the time to appreciate what they have to say, share our  own experiences and guide them to the same places that we want for ourselves. We can use our confidence in respectful ways. 

In the end it is up to us to be good role models by first working on being our own.”