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Pulse | Publication Design
Internship Work.

At my internship, my mentor also was a tutor for the publication design unit at the University of Canberra. The Pulse book design task that she provided me was actually one of the assessment pieces for this unit. This was provided to me so I could have something to do while the busy studio work period was dying down and so I could improve my skills with typesetting and using certain software. A lot of the inspiration for the graphical features within the book have been inspired by anatomically correct veins in the arms/wrist and the heart to reference the title of the book and the running theme of relationships. The overlay of the colours that make up the veins in the human body gives the illusion of pulsating movement, creating a sense that the book is alive from the stories within. 

I always feel like I do my best work when I Procrastinate! Lol more then half way done with my coffee book on graffiti writing! :) still have a lot to do to make it amazing but Im on the right track :)) 👍👍👍 #graphicdesignmajor #publicationdesign