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My new theory on the summer explosion is that Lawrence gets a heart attack while driving and loses controle over his vehicle and drives into the pub or some other building. Causing his car to explode. I was just wondering about your thoughts on this theory ;)

Oh hmmm!! I like the idea of the big explosion thing or w/e being something that’s accidental–maybe during Debbie and Pete’s doomed wedding. Maybe Charlie blows it up lmao!

With Lawrence, I think they wanna keep him around to create drama for Robert since there’s going to be that parallel between them–men who involved in affairs with men, etc. Robert is basically Lawrence’s Howard. So I don’t see him dying before the drama. Maybe he could die during or after it, though.

Had a great time performing at Diversity Week this year. Times spent practicing & hard work definitely paid off. Blessed to have met these people & will definitely miss them. I’m already looking forward for next year.😊❤️ #throwback #auap #Japanese #hiphop #Hawaiian #Luau #danceislife #may2015 #ewu (at EWU Pence Union Building (PUB))


#fbf to last year’s Diversity Week. Missing @saeaoki719 & Yosuke lots today💕 #ewu #may2014 #auap #hiphop #danceislife (at EWU Pence Union Building (PUB))

Oh, warm weather Keens. How I have missed you. We have been friends for 6+ years. Would you feel rejected if a #blue pair came to live with us? ❤️ #EWU (at EWU Pence Union Building (PUB))