Journal Entry #11 ✿ Puakai

Journal Entry #11 ✿ Puakai

"Ocean flower, sea blossom"

My apologies! This journal entry meant to be submitted by yesterday night… I was so exhausted! Korrina had me running around a lot, and I’m glad it’s finally over. Needless to say, my little stay in Shalour City has been the most hectic until now. (ಥ⌣ಥ)

Anyways! On my way out of Shalour City, there seemed to be a troubled Pokemon Breeder by the coast. I remember he was looking so far away into the sea’s horizon… he appeared to be very deep inside his thoughts. Naturally, I asked what troubled him, and simply answered that he didn’t have the time to enjoy travelling around the world, and show a Lapras he owned, the many wonders and gifts that Kami-sama has given us. I tried to console him to my best extent, offering my saying that Lapras didn’t need to see the world to be happy; that my dear Lapras would be happy wherever it’s trainer happened to be. This Pokemon Breeder insisted I took Lapras and showed him the world… Needless to say, I’m now the owner of a very happy female Lapras named Lorelei! Don’t worry, PB! I’ll take care of Lapras and show her everything there needs to be! 

There was a little establishment named Baa de Mer Ranch near the beach (oh! the sea salt smell!), that let everyone ride Skiddos for a considerable amount of time! I never once put a hand on Yunque’s (my Skiddo) back. I miss him so much now that he’s boxed… I’ll go back to train him so he becomes a strong Gogoat!

Anyways, on my way to Coumarine City’s Port, I battled a lot of trainers! Consequentially, my dear Titania (now Gardevoir) reached her final evolution! She’s as beautiful and graceful as ever. Alongside Baelik (now Charizard), who reached his final form as well! 

Gah! I just remembered Charizard had on hand Charizardonite X, which I believe reacts to my Mega Ring? I’ll need to try that out! 

Lovely day to everyone! ♡