One of the big problems with hashtag activism is you’re never sure if it’s genuine or not.

There’s an organized, ongoing attempt by people from 4chan/pol, reddit, MRA/MRM sites, and Stormfront all working together to attack feminists on twitter— specifically Black feminists/womanists. #YourSlipIsShowing (created by sassycrass on twitter) covers some more of the issue, and so_treu, sassycrass, Blackamazon christocarbone and thetrudz are covering this really well, including posting screen shots of discussions of tactics. 

Here’s a storify about it: and here’s a quick look at how an authoritative state like Azarbaijan can control and hijack hashtags - . The 4chan etc trolls are using the same tactics (signing up at the same time, RTing each other, using names and photos of real-looking people, etc).

They’re targeting specific people, overwhelmingly Black women who are active and outspoken (and often critical of) movement feminism.

(NB that the hashtag SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen mentioned in the buzzfeed article was created by karnythia as a way of commenting on the failings of institutionalized feminism and the white women who predominantly run it, ignoring the needs and concerns of WOC. Trolls picked up on it and posted a bunch of hateful and ridiculous shit.)


Marvelous storify by So_True here: . Lots of information including some history of white on Black violence and suppression on both a civilian and governmental level. Storify about /pol/ and EndFathersDay with screenshots from /pol/

EDITED TO ADD pt 2: buzzfeed account of some of what’s been happening, including mention of #whitecantberaped.

Note that trolls are grabbing photos/avatars of actual people, which is really gross, and some of them are also RTing tweets from actual people with words changed, or posting edited screenshots of tweets from real people to make them sound racist, abusive, etc. Another account of the trolls trying to drag down Black feminists/womanists, including the new hashtag they’re allegedly going to try and launch: #whiteenough, an attempt to claim that light skinned POC (let’s be real, WOC) benefit from white privilege. Like Black people & other POC haven’t been discussing colorism for generations.

As an individual, she’s going to act and respond in ways that are unique to her, because she is not a vagina that happens to have the downside of a personality attached to it like a parasite. If you’re truly looking for a relationship, you’re mature enough to understand this. If you’re using a manipulative “system” to get there, you’re not.

5 Ways Regular Guys Ruin Their First Impression With Women

When Cracked gets it right, it gets it really right.

10 Rules For Be Man

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1. Dress like pussy for you all of it. All of it. (guyinsuit.jpg)

2. If you group and another man do, bite his spine. establish dominance

3. Drive car. Not poor people/minority.

4. Don’t let some woman.

5. Fight

6. Join a gym and buy shirts

5. Don’t videogames gay

6. Yell and finger good 

11 Avoid feelings unless mad about friendzone

On Agendas

When “Men of the Internet” (you might call them trolls, bullies, haters, power-hungry fucks) call me out for having a feminist agenda, I can’t help but laugh. 

It’s amusing to someone like me who constantly calls out white, elitist mainstream feminism that shuns Black, Indigenous, people of colour (BIPOC). Nothing angers me more than seeing radical feminists stalk and harass trans* people, forcibly outing and misgendering them. Feminism that doesn’t practice intersectionality is not a feminism I’ll ever participate in or support. 

On the other hand, these Men of the Internet live and breath in groups. They bombard colleges with over 400 false rape reports. They plan PUA (pick up artist) conventions to force women to talk to them, to take them home, and to fuck them. They come together to share the personal information of a woman who wants to get her game Greenlit on Steam, and sexually harass her voicemail and leave rape threats in her inbox. They create games to beat up feminists, and share them with each other to participate. They combine their experiences and form one goal: to erase women.

Who has the fucking agenda here?

Things women should be aware of: "Pick Up Artists"

You might remember the other week I posted about some freak approaching me on Market Street (Manchester) and spouting a load shit about me being beautiful and generally creeping me out. Well, today the same guy approached me and was about to start the same shit again! He didn’t even remember me (an indication that he clearly does this a lot), and obviously I didn’t even let him start; I mouthed off at him and tried to get some answers about what the hell this game he’s playing was all about. Conveniently I was on my way to meet my boyfriend and some male friends, and they arrived just as I was shouting at him - a hilarious moment for me because of course they were quite aggressive with him and he pissed his pants. 

As funny as that experience was, I was still raging about it (it’s happened multiple times to a couple of friends recently too - all on Market Street) and so my friends and I started to research what could be going on (by then we’d cottoned on to the fact that it was clearly a load of crap rather than anything genuinely sweet or a one-off). We’ve stumbled across a whole scene of ‘pick up artists’ - a google search will tell you more than I can sum up here (this Vice article is a good summary, and this is a big PUA forum) - but this is something which I was completely unaware of before today and I think that most girls are unaware of too. 

Basically, these ‘pick up artists’ or ‘PUAs’ have a plethora of ‘techniques’ - linguistic, physical, everything - which apparently allow them to ‘pick up’ girls, and as ridiculous as it sounds, I’m very sad to say that they seem to work on far too many women.

The PUAs who have been targeting (yes, they refer to the women they go after as ‘targets’) my friends and I have been playing what is known as the ‘daygame’, i.e. picking up girls on the street during the day. Whilst I’ve only had the experience of one attempt at this, my friends who have experienced similar from different people have concurred that they approach tends to be one of flattery - ‘sorry, I just had to stop you because you’re just so attractive I would’ve kicked myself if I’d have let you walk away’ etc etc, weird observations and frankly quite awkward conversation starters.

The goal of the daygame is generally to get your number (aka a ‘number close’ or NC), or even a kiss (kiss close / KC). You can find out more about the daygame by watching videos of people attempting it (there are some on this website).

It’s essentially one giant scam, including scamming men into paying hundreds or even thousands of pounds to attend PUA ‘bootcamps’, classes and seminars, and a market full of books, forums that require credit card details and even some crap claiming to be hypnosis.

The point of this post is basically to make as many girls as possible aware of this horrendous cult of men, and to warn that if a guy approaches you in the street with some spiel in the tone of what I’ve said above and to what you can watch in online videos, be very wary - even if I wasn’t in a relationship I certainly wouldn’t want this type of guy in possession of my contact details, not to mention how objectifying, misogynistic and degrading the whole scheme is. I would definitely recommend looking into it more, I am thoroughly disturbed by it and am going to make every effort to raise awareness of it in Manchester. Be aware, reblog, and tell your friends!

Vendredi soir, Elliot Rodger, 22 ans, a ouvert le feu à Isla Vista, en Californie, tuant six personnes, dont deux femmes, en blessant une dizaine d’autres. Puis s’est donné la mort. Quelques heures auparavant, il publiait une vidéo sur YouTube où il s’adresse aux femmes qui l’ont rejeté, lui, “l’homme parfait”, préférant "s’offrir" à des "mecs odieux". Il menace ensuite de trouver une confrérie féminine et de "buter toutes les putes blondes gâtées et coincées" qu’il croisera. Pour montrer à toutes ces filles qu’il a "désirées" qu’il est “supérieur, un vrai mâle alpha”.

Un vocabulaire utilisé par les pick-up artists (et leurs disciples), ces coachs de la drague qui prétendent séduire une femme en trois minutes et cinq mots — et vous apprendre à faire de même. Rodger était un wannabe PUA. Sur les forums dédiés, ces types affirment aujourd’hui que le “game” (= appeler les femmes des “cibles”, leur attribuer une note pour ensuite jouer à les séduire) peut "sauver des vies", existe "pour éviter cette merde" (= qu’un taré tue des meufs) et empêcher une telle "injustice" (= être vierge à 22 ans).

Injuste. Une femme qui ne se plie pas au désir masculin. Injuste. Refuser à l’homme ce corps sexué, par trop objectifié. Injuste. Cruel. Car l’homme aurait un droit sur la femme, droit de cuissage, droit de toucher, droit d’invectiver. Et pour elle d’obéir, de céder, de se taire, sinon de se sentir coupable, mes seins, mes fesses, ma jupe. S’excuser et justifier, “désolée, j’ai déjà un copain”, car les hommes respectent leur sexe, pas le nôtre.

Mais je ne te dois rien. Rien. Sous aucun prétexte. “Même si” j’ai un décolleté au premier rendez-vous. “Même si” je t’ai souri. “Même si” j’ai accepté que tu m’offres un verre. “Même si” j’ai dansé avec toi. Pute. Allumeuse.

Dans une de ses vidéos, Rodger estime que lui refuser amour et affection constitue “un crime ne pouvant être pardonné”. Et un crime, ça se punit.

De là à dire que c’est de leur faute, à ces femmes sur qui il a ouvert le feu, qu’elles ont pris pour toutes celles qui ont refusé ses avances, il n’y a qu’un pas que des tas de cons ont franchi allègrement ce weekend. Sur Twitter, on pouvait lire des messages comme “Faites un effort, les filles, donnez aux mecs ce qu’ils veulent sinon vous voyez comment ça finit”, un hashtag #Notallmen (pas tous les hommes) revient de plus en plus fréquemment.

Le 6 décembre 1989, Marc Lépine, 25 ans, tuait quatorze femmes à l’Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, avant de se suicider. Dans sa lettre, il expliquait vouloir “envoyer ad patres ces féministes qui [lui] ont toujours gâché la vie”.

La vérité, c’est qu’un misogyne isolé, ça n’existe pas. C’est notre culture qui crée cela, ce sont des communautés où on leur dit que leur haine est à la fois ordinaire et justifiée.

Après la tuerie de ce week-end, de nombreuses femmes ont réagi via le hashtag #Yesallwomen pour dire le genre d’angoisses que l’on peut ressentir tous les jours.

- “Je suis toujours nerveuse à l’idée de révéler mon nom quand je parle de sexisme et de féminisme.

- “Parce que je pense toujours sérieusement à inscrire ma fille à des cours de self-défense. Elle a 4 ans.

- “Parce que je vis dans un monde où dire ‘non’ peut parfois lancer une négociation qui ne devrait même pas avoir lieu.

- “Parce que l’on apprend aux femmes à crier ‘au feu’ au lieu de ‘je me fais violer’ quand elles sont victimes d’une agression sexuelle. Parce que les gens vous viendront davantage en aide si vous criez au feu…

- “Les femmes vivent avec l’angoisse quotidienne de se faire agresser par un homme. Quotidienne. Dans le monde entier.

- “Si vous n’avez pas déjà été violée, vous vous sentez presque ‘chanceuse’.

- “Chaque femme que vous connaissez a dû être harcelée à un moment ou un autre. Et celles que vous ne connaissez pas aussi.

Voilà quelques uns des messages publiés par ces femmes. Malheureusement, impossible de ne pas s’y retrouver.

OkCupid, day 10.

Omfg you guys. PICKUP ARTISTS.

In case you’re like me, and you’ve been married for over a decade and this whole dating thing is already way over your head, let me explain the pickup artist. 

Pickup Artists, or PUAs, are guys that set out to seduce women, using principles of seduction they have learned from mentors in the PUA community. Because yes, THERE IS A PUA COMMUNITY. 

And get excited, because I’ve spent the last few days down that rabbit hole.

These guys spend time AND money learning how to improve their “game.” And they use the term “game” in all seriousness. There are workshops and conferences, YouTube training videos, forums and boot camps. It’s like the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University but if Dave Ramsey were making a fortune teaching guys how to accumulate “pussy” instead of wealth. IT IS INSANE.

I first became aware of the PUA tactics when I posted this picture on tumblr:

I got several replies from other women on Twitter who had received THE EXACT SAME OPENING LINE. It’s insane enough that one person would use this opener. But three or four? 

jaesalinas quickly googled the first line, and was directed to the web site for Real Social Dynamics And that’s when shit got real. This is just one of many PUA training sites. As of this post, RSD claims to have 142,046 active members. And their training materials include what they like to call the Apocalypse Opener:

I was 100% right when I said these guys were plagiarizing pickup lines. Even better, they’re plagiarizing terrible pickup lines. They’re like the kid in class who is so lost that he can’t even tell he’s cheating off of someone as dumb as he is. My favorite is the advice for if the lady asks how many people you’ve tried this on:

I don’t know about you, but I will never read the phrase haha or lol the same way again. It’s starting to sound like some serial killer shit tbqh.

One PUA posted a testimonial on how well the RSD immersion program worked for him. (That’s right, he went to Vegas to learn this.) 

WHERE TO BEGIN. Okay, first of all, this guy spent money to go learn how to get laid from a guy named Todd in Vegas. MY MIND IS REELING. I looked up the price for just the basic boot camp. Are you ready?


Secondly, I had to google the word sarge and omfg I can’t even.

Thirdly, this dude put on a mic and had someone film him while he practiced the art of pickup, and then had Todd review it with him. To be fair, for the money, I would certainly hope Todd is providing one-on-one instruction. But how does this work? I mean, what if your stupid pickup line actually gets a girl to sleep with you? Do you run to bathroom and ditch the wire? Unless you’re an undercover cop, THIS IS INSANE BEHAVIOR.

And finally, HIS GAME HAS IMPROVED BY 150% HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE I CALL BS ON THIS. Wait. Actually, everyone’s game improves by 150% in Vegas. It’s called alcohol. So that might be accurate.

It’s no wonder the world of online dating is such a clusterfuck. DATING IN GENERAL IS A CLUSTERFUCK. There are people out there who not only think fucking a lot of women is going to help them gain self-esteem, but also that Todd is the one who can help them with it. PUAs are at best gullible halfwits with money to blow, and at worst straight-up sociopaths. What they do isn’t art. And despite what Todd wants you to think, it isn’t a science. It’s a con. It’s gross. It’s creepy. It teaches men with low self-esteem to prey on women with low self-esteem. It’s a black hole of morality. 

Hey dudes: women aren’t interested in your game. Be a human being.